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  1. Final volume of Music of the Spheres should be: Coloratura pt 1 Coloratura pt 2 Coloratura pt 3 Coloratura pt 4
  2. That bit that starts at 5:38 is so amazing 😭
  3. OMG bless my ears, what did I just hear? Love at first listen, could this be their masterpiece? I don't even have words to describe this song. Had tears in my eyes listening to it.
  4. Actually pretty cool song. I like old guitar/piano-driven Coldplay better, but this one will be enjoyable just like ASFOS. I like the funky vibe in the verses and that bit that sounds just like the Violet Hill intro near the end. Imo the best collab they've done, find the lyrics a bit cheesy though.
  5. Making it a 2 or 3 volume album is a great way of dealing with the Covid-situation for both the band and the fans πŸ‘
  6. Alien Radio was on a list during MX recordings so there is a song I think.
  7. Yeah probably! Still can't drop the thought since it seems like Kaotica is the artwork for this disc and that one is one of the three central planets (and/or stars).
  8. Am I slow or what?! On the album art there is like 3 main planets in the middle. These must be the three volumes, right? Guess you already knew? πŸ˜…
  9. This albums artwork and theme has built up for this album to be like Coldplay's masterpiece and very arty and "Pink Floydish", which I think they would be capable of pulling off. I just wish they could stick to one genre and just release that vein they have within them. I still have very high hopes for this album though, the snippets sound interesting! ☺️
  10. I agree completely and Avicii was a genius. Didn't Higher Power get Wills imidiate approval and he thought it was a good song? (Or something "just" like this πŸ˜†) I guess they want to do.... POP and be popular among the....kids? πŸ€”
  11. I agree with you, though I actually like ASFOS and think it has something. SJLT is just annoying. Edit: You've got a good name btw πŸ˜†
  12. Agree with that. They are much better than the pop on AHFOD. Think it's my favorite collab. And ONE of my favorite post Ghost Story singles. Like Up & Up, Daddy and Champion of the world are still way better songs imo.
  13. My Universe is OK imo. Perhaps my favorite post Ghost Stories single from them* and def my favorite Collab. With that said I'm an oldplayer so for it to get very high points from me it would have to sound completely different But still it will be a big hit (hopefully). *Edit: ONE of my favorite post Ghost Story singles. It's my favorite "pop single".
  14. So if the track is called Alien Radio why not chose the radio or alien smiley?
  15. Unfortunately I think you're right about that we'll probably see Coldplay's last album soon. Either they want to finish grand with a 3 album concept album or they release something very nice for the fans 2024. Personally I've always thought that FFTF must mean something more Coldplay related and more important in that kind of way...
  16. According to genius Coloratura is the song where Chris sings the "In this crazy world". Cant trust genius though. Humankind is probably single material.
  17. That's probably right, because the symbol on apple looks more like a moon symbol than an earth symbol.
  18. 9 seems like a short interlude, maybe it's "Music of the spheres reprise" or something like that
  19. 1. Music of the spheres 4. Something about STARS 6. Human Heart 9 Beautiful world? 11. Infinity?
  20. May be a hidden track, would be cool with a 10 min long instrumental though!
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