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  1. So according to the letter there will be more than one release? 😱 They will release Coloratura on Friday and then My Universe in September? This era is gonna be amazing!!!
  2. I'd do a countdown, but don't want to look like an idiot if we've been clowned.
  3. Think they're updating the discography as we speak. I've been able to see everything up to Higher Power as late as an hour ago. Now there's just an "X".
  4. Maybe we all get an email with a photo of the handwritten letter 😅
  5. Nothing on their social medias today, think we're in for a big announcement soon...
  6. The excitement is overwhelming. This era could be their best even if the music material would suck (which I don't think it will, I actually think the snippets sounds amazing and Higher Power sounds so much better in that whole context)
  7. I think it's possible with a three part release. They have talked about a new version of Us Against the World + The Race and so on and Higher Power mentions 3 parts.
  8. Wow this is so exciting. The snippets, artwork and everything is just beautiful!!!
  9. Yeah my first thought was X&Y, like Square One, but maybe it's more Violet Hill. There is something very LiT-sounding after that snippet as well.
  10. One of the songs has got an X&Y sound. The track after Higher Power sound great, my guess is that it's Car Kids! The two last pieces sounds interesting. There was something John Hopkins-sounding as well. But I guess there's no Us Against The World Ii ?
  11. My guess is that the album will be released in 3 parts and first part this week. Might have to wait till fall to have the whole thing perhaps?
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