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  1. I don't understand what any of this has to do with LP9. And first of all the most important thing is that all their videos get views = more money to the band? Second why is it a bad thing if Everglow get views? I don't get it...
  2. Haven't seen a review with less than 3 stars for the song yet, most of them give it a 4/5. Even on RYM it has 3,8 from 500+ reviews and a lot of haters on there. It's unusual for me to see a Coldplay song get these good reviews and scores nowadays.
  3. I see that J has been rehearsing the Us Against The World riff. I wonder if it's just for fun or inclusion in future setlists. Have they been reworking it perhaps?
  4. Openers: Square One Politik Sunrise Don't Panic Life In Technicolor (Ii would probably be no 1 though) Mylo/Hurts Like Heaven Always In My Head Music Of The Spheres/Higher Power A Head Full Of Dreams Closers: Coloratura Death And All His Friends Up With The Birds O/Fly On Amsterdam Everything's Not Lost Up & Up Everyday Life Twisted Logic Right now, might change my mind tomorrow.
  5. Is the site BrokEn? Have experienced problems for weeks and yesterday I couldn't access anything?
  6. Listen to it at least 5 times per day, can't get enough of the song. It has all these different little elements.
  7. I think there will be three releases. The music video for Higher Power actually says: "Music of the spheres - A melodic orbit in three parts"
  8. Yeah and vol 2 (and 3 if there will be one) might be EP:s as well.
  9. But isn't the next going to be Music of the spheres vol 2 then? She said she didn't meet him for Music of the Spheres. 🤔
  10. Maybe it's because I/we like this one better. Ink is kinda nice though, it's the one I listen to the most from GS right now.
  11. And what do we know? Maybe one part of Music of the spheres could be a follow up to MX?
  12. It's a huge compliment to sound like PF. That doesn't take anything away from Coldplay right? They have achieved something great by sounding this good in a pretty much unexplored teretory for them.
  13. Wasn't Coloratura described like heaven? For me this song is about appreciateing what you've got on this planet before we go to Coloratura.
  14. Only listening to Coloratura right now, it's unbelievable how beautiful it is.
  15. Yeah that's pretty much insane. 4+/5 in average from about 270 users. Call it magic, call it true.
  16. For me Coloratura is in another dimension, can't even rate it. I find it funny that even though I've followed them since the beginning and Fix You is like my favorite song ever I'm completely grounded by Coloratura. I think it's a total masterpiece. But we all have different opinions and taste and that should be respected and valued ❤️
  17. "And in the end The love you take Is equal to the love you make" - The Beatles.
  18. I think it's a masterpiece and am not comparing these songs in any way, but at some parts I find myself expecting Chris to sing: "Don't you bring me down today", guess it's the chord progression 🤣 https://youtu.be/eAfyFTzZDMM Guess I'm crazy 😂
  19. Seriously. Just listened again and it's true. 9th LP and they create their masterpiece. It almost make me cry each time I hear it. How is this possible?!
  20. Yeah when I heard this I felt a bit sad as well because I think they waste their talent sometimes.
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