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  1. Anyone knows or has an idea which brand Chris' shoes are? Even if they're customized.
  2. Seriously, despite the fact that the song is great... BUT: Chris' dance moves and the dance they are doing is absolutely amazing, i love it!!!🤩
  3. Well, at the first few listens i prefered the ending of the song, when all comes together. I still like it a lot,though. But now i adore everything until the start of the last chorus (which is great,still!) Especially the beginning and the verses - you know the feeling listening to a song and feeling really cool and in a fantastic mood, almost Zen. On top of everything. There are only a very few songs that create that. Higher Power is now one of them. Morning Glory (the song) by Oasis is another example. Even though that doesnt mean these songs are all sublime - it's just the feelin
  4. Keane is great. But they really struggled with their last records in my opinion. I think The Kooks would've been the better choice in terms of bands development.
  5. One can argue if songs like This is the Place or Black Star Dancing are stuff you are expecting from Noel. But i really like the fact he tried to do something totally else. Blue Moon Rising is amazing and something which could fit in LP9 perfectly. You cant get any better in terms of melody,lyrics and recording than Noel. Liam would have been great on Everyday Life (like Guns or even Old Friends). It's Off Topic but it was wise to split Oasis. I loved them to death but it was simply over. What both are doing nowadays as a solo artist is so good. Each with their own strength and talen
  6. With the possible space-concept the record has written a Noel Gallagher-collab all over it. He was really experimenting a lot in that sound direction lately.
  7. Really harsh critics out there...some of them describe it as their worst lead single to date. Even if it isnt my opinion, it's a sad reading 😞
  8. Folks, anyone knows or recognized if the pink bracelets Chris has worn during the acoustic set are those you can order online? 😍
  9. I'd say the beginning of Higher Power?! 😍 or at least sort of an instrumental.
  10. Anyone seen this on Insta as well? He posted a picture with the cd received today. My french isn't that good but does say that there are two tracks on it ? Interesting 🤔
  11. "I'm Outta Time" vibes at the beginning of Noels new song. I do like it actually though the ending is just plodding along and doesnt go anywhere. The verses are really good tho.
  12. Absolutely! Even In My Place went that way, being very radio friendly.
  13. Btw, i really like the fact that with this snippet the direction of the song and its sound is pretty clear to predict. We know what to expect. Remember the AOAL preview? Holy Sh**, many thought it would be something rock, even similar to Violet Hill. Because of the guitar and heavy drums near the ending. The song turned out to be totally different, which was a big letdown on the very first listen. Though, i do like it a lot now. As for Higher Power, i assume we will be surprised too. But in a good way this time around.
  14. I was fully aware we will be getting something really poppy immediately after seeing their new outfits. So im not disappointed at all. It's what could have been expected, fair enough. We are all going through really hard and strange times - thats why they defintely nailed it, after what we can judge from the snippet. It's all about about hope and looking forward to better and more shiny days. Thats what this song will deliver, for sure. As a side note: I'm pretty sure the new record will also please those who are more into the bands older stuff, with maybe 2 or 3 songs. But overall
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