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  1. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△ How silly of me, I got all caught up in the other thing I was doing that I nearly forgot to post my thoughts on this song. ``Champion of the World`` is my favorite on this album. It truly took me back two years ago in 2017 when I got super excited for the debut of Coldplay's ``Alien`` song on YouTube. I managed to fetch a screenshot of it.. took me forever because it doesn't have a 'older posts first' feature. I recall being fairly early after `Aliens` launched on YouTube and going into detail with how I felt about everything about the song. Bit by bit pointing out time-stamps and gushed about their reference to Steven Spielberg's E.T. film. I was acting very, very goofy in my post; Child-like in fact. Now (2020) It brings me great joy listening to `Champion of the World` because it many ways I felt like the band noticed me. It's probably not the case, I'm confient they in general love relating to space in their songs (we've seen it plenty of times before) and I'm sure they adore Steven Spielberg and his `E.T.` film just as much as I -and many do. I just can't help but wonder if they lurk through the comment section and get tips or ideas for future projects. On the song on it's own merits, cannot help but relate to what it stands for.. been bullied in my youth and I used my art as an escape, I wrote a sci-fi comic-strip (not ever published) with my sister when we were like 7 or so. These tunes truly lift my spirit and think of the good old days. Now I'm a wife and mother trying to make it like everyone else. Can't wait to expose my daughter to this tune when she's older; it makes me smile so hard that my cheeks hurt. Bless you Coldplay.
  2. I think I saw that on the official Coldplay YouTube channel... hold on View: https://www.facebook.com/coldplay/videos/coldplay-champion-of-the-world-lyric-video/340413543540551/ ^^^ Above is the official source to that video. EDIT Nevermind; I just checked out the video merril (I was confused by the other one I saw). I think it is a fan-made video that that individual got permission to use the rights to the song?
  3. That video truly brightened my week when I saw it on YouTube. I recently shared it with my few extended family members. It was sorta charming that Chris forgot `Everyday Life` .. can't imagine how many songs Coldplay has created now; I don't blame him honestly.
  4. Hello. Not sure if this thread has ever been created before so I'm making this. If one has been posted before, please moderators feel free to merge this into that topic. Thank you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Quick overview about this thread topic. This is your opinions / thoughts on how'd you'd like to experience an musical artist or band collaboration with Coldplay in some aspect. This isn't official per-say (unless it actually occurs) these are fun ideas to toss about. You can go into great detail on your artist/band or be brief; you can describe what cover songs Coldplay might do with your selection ~ just have fun. Thanks for reading. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Okay, so here's mine. For as long as I have listened to Coldplay I've also had admiration for the British band, Keane. I'd love for Keane to do a collaboration with Coldplay. There was a time where I thought the band disbanded however I have recently learned that they are back in action. What I find really neat about both Keane and Coldplay is ~ the band members have crossed paths before! https://coldplaying.com/on-this-day-keanes-tim-rice-oxley-was-almost-coldplays-keyboard-player/ I think the musical sounds these band duo would be truly magical! If Coldplay were to attempt any cover any songs from Keane, I believe they could pull off... - `Somewhere Only We Know` or - `The Frog Prince` For Keane's side, I hadn't really thought it through... maybe whatever Coldplay song they could have enjoyment with. Those are my thoughts, cannot wait to read your own responses ♥
  5. I agree with the third Instagram poster, I'm curious if he enjoys the music from Pink Floyd.
  6. Much appreciated. Yeah it was tough to come up with but I have something at least. I guess I'm odd that way but I just look at it as a guide for those still around. I know I would like to have a plan and maybe they'd feel somewhat comforted that I had some direction for them. Clearly it's not set in stone but I felt it was time for me to work on it.
  7. I was a Coldplay fan pretty early however I will state that I didn't fully recognized them until "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" album launched. After I purchased "Rush" I knew I had to fetch the previous CD they worked on, I just admired them quite a ton... then it hit me hard that I had known of and enjoyed their other songs before but I just didn't know-know the band. I feel the need the thank MTV for that... honestly I wouldn't have heard their earlier tracks at all, well.... "Yellow" was the exception, hehehe. And if it wasn't watching the music videos of their songs, their songs were often played a tiny bit during adverts for MTV in the background. I clear recall hearing the piano cord for 'Trouble' during an advert... it was so pretty but I didn't no jack about it at that time. Here are the songs MTV played that I recall from my youth before I ran to buy the "Rush" CD for my freakish love obsession with 'Clocks' thanks to multitudes of radio-play etc. `Yellow`, `Don't Panic` and `Trouble`. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- TLDR What songs did you know of Coldplay? Thanks to MTV... - Yellow - Don't Panic - Trouble And what specifically got you hooked on the band? - Clocks (radio air play during the year of 2003 or so)
  8. In my current state of life my husband and I are going to be proud parents soon. This event has caused me to evaluate my life and even my passing, so Ive been researching and putting to paper a rough idea of my dying will. With that said I know for a fact I want the loved ones still around to listen to a Coldplay song when they honor my eventual passing etc... So my current song that I've been thinking about lately is, ` "O" / "Fly On" ` in particular the short 3:50 time stamp version. I think that song is a great sort of send off. I'm sorry if I brought this thread down mood-wise. Ermm... Well I have also have had the opening piano notes of "Hypnotised" stuck in my head ~ so here you go, something more positive. Yay! <3
  9. One of my favorite performances is Will singing "Death Will Never Conquer". If you search YouTube, "Coldplay (Will gets mad at Chris) Death Will Never Conquer Roadie 42 Blog 55" it's pretty sweet. If your interested in Will's full version I suggest you listen to: Album: Coldplay: Left, Right, Left, Right, Left Song: Death Will Never Conquer
  10. I don't Instagram however I love this concept of trying to listen to an album together.
  11. I cannot decide what's truly my favorite. I do think Voodoo is slightly more of my musical tastes then E-Lo. Both are enjoyable in various ways.
  12. "Daylight" ?? *edit* I was looking at the old one. "Talk" ??
  13. Shoot, I know I have examples however some just aren't revealing themselves to me. I suppose if you replay "All I Can Think About Is You", sometimes I'll hear, "All I can" as "Soda can". lol. :joy:
  14. Update: I'm all finished with the jacket colorful patches. Doesn't look exactly like their look but I wanted to add some feminine flair.
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