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  1. An outlet covered this, https://fredericksburg.com/people/coldplays-new-album-inspired-by-star-wars-it-led-us-to-imagining-this-whole-other/article_1b77acdd-b0d8-5a95-a350-4566c2f079e3.amp.html
  2. This podcast gave me some pause while I listened to it. It appears that the band they have some idea of when they like to cease making new albums for Coldplay. I do recognize that all the bandmates (from my understanding) are Fathers now and it must be difficult to balance raising their kids and being wrapped up with responsibilities of being a well-known musicians. Have upright respect for them and the fact they have a plan how they see the future of this band. Just makes me slightly sad because I always had this mental image of seeing them play live when these fellows
  3. Still going through it but I need a break. The sex shop translation made me laugh, lol
  4. Just dropped, there's plenty of Kaotican text to translate in this, lol
  5. Gettinb slight bit of Joker vibes ('Mass Effect' video game series) from Jonny.
  6. I'd be all for that. Another song idea I think would be neat to experience is this. There's been a long history of various musicians continuing this fictional character's journey through songs. I'm typing about, David Bowie's "Major Tom" astronaut. ▪"Space Oddity" David Bowie 1969 ▪"Major Tom (Coming Home)" Peter Schilling 1983 ▪"Mrs. Major Tom" K.I.A 2002 ▪ "The Empty Glass" The Tea Party 2011 ( if you want more, search the wikipedia) Major Tom - Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_Tom ~ I'd be thrilled if Coldplay wanted to incl
  7. 001. Are you male or female? Woman - Wolfmother 002. Describe yourself White & Nerdy - "Weird Al" Yankovic 003. How do some people feel about you? 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton 004. How do you feel about yourself Pure Imagination - Gene Wilder 005. Describe your boy/girlfriend It's my husband and I'd describe one of his passions... Final Fantasy Song - LegendaryFrog (of NewGrounds) 006. Where would you rather be? Clocks - Coldplay ((" . . . home, home where I wanted to go" )) 007. Describe what you w
  8. Someone read my mind, in the comments of Tweeter they pointed out the following, see image attachment.
  9. Had to research what Coldplay tribute bands already existed: -Coldplace -42 - Ultimate Coldplay Have a bold idea that I think would be very meta but might work. Dunno why but their speech Coldplay gave while winning Grammy for Best ROCK Album in 2009 stood out to me... they spoke how they're music isn't really rock.. more or less like lime-stone rock. So I think you should nod to that and call your band, Starfish & Limestone (Starfish being the name that Coldplay would've picked).
  10. Need to get my kiddo to bed but here's what I was able to de-code thus far
  11. My brain is melting, lol ! For the first word on the right-side block of words appears to beCO2 Think the rest of them are relating toward things on Earth??? I could be very wrong.
  12. I'm trying to un-code it however.. these dancers blur the footage really well. Even when I did a screen-shot, it is incredibly hard to read, it's low resolution etc. Now that my kiddo is napping I might have time to solve it... I have to use my best guess-work though.
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