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  1. Haven't heard the song yet however I'll cover my ears until that album drops, it's nice to have suprises. The only aspect I can type about is BTS officially confirmed to be in collaboration with Coldplay. I don't know much of BTS music if I'm honest, I am aware they're very popular and hopefully this decision might bump up this album's awareness. It did seem this collab sorta occurred naturally and not forced. I remembered seeing BTS cover of "The Scientist" on YouTube. .. I'm just unsure if I truly like this colab or not. Maybe I have an bleak view because when I mentioned Co
  2. My week has been a whirlwind... our home is undergoing roof repair and before the workers tackled that project they suggested to my husband and I it would be ideal for us to take down our prized artwork. We took them off the walls and laid them down in our office table. I made a meal on the stove and started pondering where my 2 year old was. I found her in the office, she used the office chair to hoist her up onto to the table and stood directly ontop of one the precious framed art we have. I was heartbroken and angry, I sternly placed her on the floor and led her out of the room.
  3. This recent track from Keane is stuck in my head. I also just listened to The Killers 'Pressure Machine' thanks to Chris Martin posting on YouTube's Community tab. It's quite good as well.
  4. That's really good to know; Thank you. Decided to post a photo of my CD. Knowing what I know now, I wish I didn't write all over it back when I received it late 2011 or so from a fellow fan ..however it adds a bit of charm. May've been influenced my Chris' writing on various things. If I remember to... I'll take this CD to a live concert someday and try to get some members of the band to sign it. Didn't want to scribble my name on the CD back then because I knew I might not always be around.
  5. Ahhh it's in New York; unfortunately that's too far away from me. I'll give it some thought, think my hubby wanted to see a wrestling show in New York but its toward the end of September... just typing it out, the dates don't sync. Good luck to you ♡
  6. Truly special, thanks for sharing your story and photography
  7. My memory is a bit fuzzy however I believe during Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour at some venues they handed out a free CD to concert goers. Unfortunately though I went to one of the shows during the Viva tour... I wasn't one who got it because Coldplay did this like after a few stops and the venue I attended, that idea wasn't yet formed. Anyway after reading up on it in 2011 or so I bought a used CD copy for $50 online like on Ebay. I felt it was worth the steep cost because of the scarcity factor and the fact it was only available to select attendees etc. It was never sold
  8. I'm not too happy about this news of 2 songs for the Japanese audience ...however... If they have it available through a digital music platform to buy the same date (or same week) as when the Japanan's CDs are released, I'll survive. Let it be known that I'm very much not in favor of this practice.
  9. For your first question, I too don't know the answer. I believe you can contact Coldplay on thier Tweeter account and someone mamaging that account may take a look at it. Its not guaranteed but worth a shot. For your second question, I don't plan to order that collection unfortunately. Since I've known of Coldplay (2002) I have been buying only their music from CD discs. I don't have any plans to change up the format. Got this metal mesh box in the 2000s or so and I've had my small musical CDs collection in there. I'm excited to add Coldplay's 9th one later this year
  10. Luckily I was near my front entryway and heard someone slip something into my mail box. Turns out it was my Coldplay shirt. I'm very pleased with it. They used the fictional K language (forget the name sorry) to indicate the sizes.
  11. My question is also relating to Coldplay's shop website. Pre-ordered a Higher Power tee and the website said it would arrive "2021 July" however I've been checking my emails and nothing has come in. Have any of y'all gotten your Higher Power merch yet?
  12. Dunno about the rest of you however it pained me when the Everyday Life CD released and months later or so I discovered the Japanese version of the CD had one additional song not found on my North American copy, "Flags". This thread is my effort to encourage Coldplay to release, Music of The Spheres in it's entirely for all territories. No additional songs to the CD. The quote, "Definitive Edition" if you will. If they decide they want to tack on another song but the CD is released... I encourage them to have it available to download on most popular song buying platforms s
  13. Had a dream last night that once the, Music of the Spheres era/chapter was over they'd release one last album/CD set and it contained had all of Coldplay's B-side only song tracks. They may've hinted at a few new songs too but I forget... Guess I have a wild imagination but it was be neat to see an only B-side album.
  14. A recent alcohol advert on television led me to this song. Heard it before but gosh it still holds up. Spectacular. Ought to revisit that film.
  15. Want to apologize if my earlier comment was too harsh. I have enjoyed listening to your podcast, just finished your lastest episode on "Prospekt's March". Noticed less side-talk and I felt happier. Maybe its because I've grown used to YouTube content creators and the 'time stamp' feature; guests enjoying the entertainment can jump right into what topic they want. Podcast format isn't bad it's just I don't want to skip around and possibly miss anything. I'm confident folks do tend to enjoy your banter and maybe I'm a few of the individuals who like the dicussions to be mo
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