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  1. Just noticed on Coldplay's YouTube channel they have a basic game you can play, they want folks to finish it so we can collectively repair the Alien Radio. Saw some Easter eggs already... found this on the 2nd level. It's the poster from the documentary
  2. That's a superb observation, thanks for mentioning it. I would've forgotten that detail. I just hope for the 2nd volume Coldplay releases whatever plans they had for the Aurora planet song or musical mofitive piece... (I'm not entirely sure).
  3. Yes finally, a b-sides episode! I too really admired "The Goldrush" song, I plan to make a sign when I see them next year. Here's hoping they'll consider playing it.
  4. When I looked into the "Fight For The Future" term, gave me these results: Fight for the Future (often abbreviated fightfortheftr or FFTF) is a nonprofit advocacy group in the area of digital rights founded in 2011. The group aims to promote causes related to copyright legislation, as well as online privacy and censorship through the use of the Internet. --- There is a real possibility Coldplay wanted to support this. I don't know for a fact however I know they like to give to various causes so I don't want to rule it out.
  5. "Finished For The Fans” isn't a bad idea. It would be great if it was bird related, Coldplay loves inserting bird imagery. Fly , Flock Together Forever On another note, I woke up today with a Coldplay related dream. I don't remember much however it seemed like I was seated in a school assembly place and there was tons of mood lighting and suddenly this man introduced Coldplay. Everyone in the crowd was surprised just seemed very unexpected. I forget what they played because my subconscious was jarred by the whole event and I started to wake up. lol
  6. Here's mine: |pink|........✶Venus - You Leave Me Alone (Full Version)|red|..........✶ Imagine Dragons - Radioactive |rust|.........✶Keane - Dirt|orange|....✶The Beatles - Ob-la-di Ob-la-da|yellow|.....✶Pharrell Williams - Happy|green|......✶Pink Floyd - Money|teal|.........✶Coldplay - Clocks|blue|........✶The Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon|navy|.......✶Cowboy Bebop - Rain (Female Vocal Version)|black|......✶ The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black |gray|........✶The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony|lilac|.........✶Muse - Starlight|purple|.....✶The Killers - The Man|rose|........✶The Kinks - Wat
  7. My Sister shared with me this concept on Discord and I thought it would be fun to partake. How it works is this, think of songs that for whatever reason you associate a particular color. It could be the musical genre of it, such as the color pink ties to you themes of love etc. Maybe the song title itself or musical artist has ties to color, so you can pick obvious ones like that. It could be when watching a music video of that color a certain color keeps popping up, maybe it's also the art tied to the record. I made a color list of 14, enough to add to a album if you wanted to. Blan
  8. Wanted to let everyone know that starting soon today ColdplayXtra will be having an interview with Phil. I'm unsure/forget if this website allows web links but you can find in on Twitch.tv just look for the channel, ColdplayXtra. I learned about this event through the Reddit Coldplay topic.
  9. How do you think their future setlists will be? Hard to say. I'm going to go on a limb and say it'll be 78% Music of the Spheres tracks, 3% song requests via signs held by fans, 19% previous tracks from past albums. Are there any MOTS-tracks that won't be played live. Any nice surprises from the past? Pretty doubtful they'll include the transitional songs but you just never know. It would be pretty cool to hear, Moving to Mars hope they'll consider that one. I noticed that they played Everything's not Lost at a gig, do you think they will contin
  10. Now that Coldplay took 2 older songs and inserted some nods of it into the Music Of The Spheres album. I was curious if folks had any more unreleased songs they'd like to them to sample or add to future releases. I like the song track name, "The Butterfly". It was thought up in 2005. I'm unsure if they have any samples of what it sounded musically etc. I'm terrible with the lesser known Coldplay information.
  11. I'm so used to the long version. As long as they don't start playing the radio cut of the song live, I'll be good.
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