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  1. Amen to that. With all the talk of Coldplay and colabs my mind rushed to this song. Dunno how many of you know it but I thought I'd share it just in case. I interpret it as a non-Pop song however that's just me. One of my favorite colab with Chris. "Gold in them Hills" https://youtu.be/85Kf9-hJ3yg
  2. If comments don't return... luckily I screen-captured one from last year that I thought was beautiful. I also found a quote that someone shared on my Discord.
  3. Yesterday I got inspired to revisit Coldplay’s official YouTube page and re-listen to their “Politik” song. So when I the page loaded, I noticed someone new [ please see image attachment ]. Someone managing their YouTube account has disabled everyone from commenting on their “Politik” song and this has me outraged. I’m 32 years old and I’ve seen the growth of the internet for quite some time however I whole-heartily disagree with this idea of silencing voices, thoughts, opinions and ideals on this grand place the internet. The video itself was uploaded on 2014…we can
  4. The opening got my heart racing, you nailed the beat of, "Politik" with the running sequence. Great minds think alike.. often times when I listen to Coldplay's "Politik" I mentally picture in my head, someone running or quick cut-aways to various things; you've editing matched pretty well to the music. It's also nice you chose to shoot in black and white, only highlighting in color with what you want the audience to seek out such as the blue pillars or the McDonalds sign. I'm only 6 minutes into this, want to finish watching however where I am it's late at night and I can barel
  5. For those unaware, the official Pokémon Company is having a musical concert soon featuring Katie Parry and Post Malone. I just wanted to share who I thought would be ideal for the concert too. ; )
  6. Dunno if this has been posted before however I love this mash-up Werid-Al did years ago; "Speed of Sound" is in here:
  7. Honest here, I'm a person with Dyslexia... I had to re-examine over and over the gif. It took me about a full minute before I got the joke. That's pretty funny though! xD
  8. Late to the party but I'm delighted to have read, `The Sun` article and know their next album is soon approaching. It's odd how life hits you like this. I haven't been following rumors or hints... before I fell asleep yesterday I thought to myself `Do I have anything truly that I'm looking forward to this year fandom-wise?` All I could think about was possibly watching that "Free Guy" film (if it's still coming this year) and then I felt a tad empty again. Glad I learned of this however, more to get psyched up about.
  9. I don't have a Spotify account but I'd be really excited if they featured, "The Goldrush". Already own that song myself however last time I visited the song's official music-video on YouTube, I was surprised just how many fans weren't aware of this Coldplay song; thought I'd chime in about it.
  10. It's a shame the official YouTube `iHeartRadio` channel only has a brief video of their performance- not even the entire song. They sung "Viva La Vida" if anyone was curious; I watched some of it on this fan-video. Glad I know more from this forum makes more sense that it was a pre-recording etc. The audio from the video I posted below isn't ideal, they also muted some of the song for fear of copyright however I enjoyed these guys commentary and felt like I didn't miss anything. https://youtu.be/uE9ATsp3KYE?t=4551
  11. Watched that YouTube video a few weeks ago and haven't revisited it so my recollection of the details might be lost. One aspect from the video's creator I disagreed with was his opinion 'Ghost Stories' wasn't a personal album for Coldplay. The band's personal life is their own- I shouldn't dig into those aspects because honestly it's none of my business however if they choose to disclose certain things I think that's okay. I remember when Coldplay provided feedback/spoke with the press about the album.. at that time I recall Chris described it as being personal like a journal-
  12. Unsure if this is much help however I have a concert tee from that era that says "42" to promote their song. I have yet to find the official 42 graphic they used that was printed onto this tee however if it helps you out with having/collecting imagery from that time, I'm glad to help. Let me know if you want a better image of it... I could press down the shirt on glass pane and make it slightly less wrinkled.
  13. Everyday Life - Coldplay's 8th album and song of the same name
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