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  1. It seems a good theory. A week ago I counted 12 symbols and a new theory could be that maybe higher power has the infinite symbol associated to it instead of the triangle or the spiral as someone theorised in this thread before. But we never know ahaha Edit: I just rechecked and in fact there are 10 planets (one of them looks pretty much the same as higher power sphere), 1 moon and the infinite symbol. So it's still 12 'things' so I keep my theory of the 12 songs but I keep my idea that the triangle is the symbol associated to HP. Just doesn't make much sense for me to have the infinite s
  2. I think the same wy as you! But this would mean that we have all the symbols to start working on decipher the 12 songs of the album!
  3. Took these (sorry for the bad image quality, these are only printscreens) from the videos from O2 shootings. It seems that the symbols are not only those 5 that we knew until now. My guesses is that in fact it's like MX era where each symbol is associated to one track of the album. So I think we are faced here with 'Music of the Spheres' album, with 12 tracks! Thoughts on this?
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