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  1. Really really hyped by those snippets ! It feels like they’ve finally returned to the insane quality of production that they deserve ! (Spoiler) (Don’t know how to do this) To be honest I think that My Universe is the track after MOTS Reprise / Interlude 2 / whatever it’s called. Compared to the 6 excerpts we have so far, chords are the same, BPM and drum pattern also, and the intro seems to fit the end of the previous track.
  2. Same here I'd really appreciate if someone could send me the snippets ! Thanks !!
  3. Ok so here's what I end up thinking: I guess these 2 performances were actually recorded live (regarding the audio), with just a bit of video editing just to include some additional shots from other takes. I don't really get why they would take time to edit the audio, obviously the band's been rehearsing the song a lot and Chris' consistency throughout every performance tends to points out how professional his voice control can be ! 464373066_HPLivePerformancesComparisonPerformances.mov
  4. Well... I feel kinda impressed by how risky most of the musical choices they made actually are ! But... maybe too risky compared to their very high commercial expectations ?
  5. Well, from this exctract I'm seriously wondering how are they gonna manage to perform the song live ! Obviously a lot of it will be full backing tracks, but I hope they'll find a way to not just play along all the synths + choirs + drum maschines and all that stuff. Also Will didn't have his SPD-SX on the Brits performance pictures !
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