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  1. That would mean that they're not exploring the genre enough. The songs don't have to be poppy and upbeat like Take On Me or Boys of Summer. They can also get inspired by more mature forms of songwriting like Talking Heads or Talk Talk. This is just my opinion, but I rather have a Coldplay album with 4-6 80s-inspired tracks than only doing one track that sticks out like a sore thumb. I like when artists take the risk.
  2. Well, I hate to repeat myself again and again, but I think what doesn't let the band embrace and submerge into a certain genre is their habit of following the trend and just dabble superficially. I remember when Adventure of a Lifetime came out, and I was very hopeful about AHFOD. The song was very upbeat, and I loved the outro. We had already heard Amazing Day at the Global Citizen festival, but for some reason I assumed that it was gonna be a non-album song, and that their new sound was gonna be closer to R.A.M by Daft Punk or Justice. Sadly, I was way off. The album didn't have anothe
  3. Something similar happened to me, but my excitement only lasted one day. I was listening to Boys of Summer instead, which is a way better song imo, and I kept forgetting how HP sounded like. It's really my least favorite Coldplay single.
  4. De acuerdo contigo, es la que menos me gusto de EL. Alguien de la banda le tiene que decir a Chris que ya perdio el rumbo. PERO YA! Y no lo digo para salvar el LP9. Lo digo para salvar lo poco que les queda de reputacion.
  5. Hahaha 😅. Two of my favorite Oasis songs. I haven't listened to it much, but I thought it was okay on my first listens. I wasn't that impressed. I'm actually more surprised that I'm liking Liam Gallagher's newer stuff. It's better than I expected.
  6. Yeah agree. I feel like he's too self-conscious and craves approval. I don't think that makes him a bad person though. Being an artist is his job and just like any job you want to do things right and expect approval. I do think that Chris is a genius in his own goofy way. I treat him like an ambitious CEO of a big company that wants to become huge. He always had the vision of making Coldplay the biggest band in the world, and he did it. I just don't agree with his vision/goals because I think the band has the talent to do better things. Nonetheless, it worked, and he achieved his goals.
  7. When did I say that Chris was greedy and did it for the money? Please read my replies carefully. Chris is a very nice person. He's one of the nicest celebrities out there, but I'm here criticizing his artistic approach. Nothing else. Read my replies. I'm not insulting Chris as a human being. My negative opinions are mostly about how he has influenced the band throughout the years, and how he works as an artist.
  8. I blamed Chris Martin for every collaboration that Coldplay has done and for Coldplay's tendency to follow the trend. I don't blame Warner, Atlantic, or Parlaphone. It's Chris. I have so many negative things I have to say about him, but I'm afraid I can't say it on here. I have followed this band for 18 years and analyzed the personalities/characteristics of each band member. It's possible that my conclusions/theories are wrong, but they're never unsubstantiated. I'm just gonna say it briefly without details: It's well known that the member that ultimately approves the songs is Will. I'
  9. I used to think like this up until the MX era. I defended the band here in this forum, but the clout chasing became more apparent to me (TO ME.....JUST ME) when AHFOD got released, especially with all that noise they made like "A Collab with Beyonce!" "A track with Barack Obama!" "A Noel Gallagher guitar solo!". I thought that everything was so superficial. I never had anything against those artists. I just hate Chris' lack of artistic integrity. That's all. And yes you're correct about the last point. The rest of the band takes responsibility, too. They're grown adults and make their own deci
  10. You don't have to be a guru. He's been doing this since MX. Like I've said, it's very predictable.
  11. I know some of you will say, well what about EL? Yeah what about EL? Chris has ignored it. The band didn't promote it like other albums, and has said in a recent interview that its biggest single may not make it in the next tour.
  12. It's not that he wants money. I think it's more about becoming the biggest band in the world, and it's correlated with fame and success. You obviously have to follow the current trend and remain popular to achieve this. As I mentioned in my reply to Strawberryswinger, Chris (I blame Chris btw) had the pressure to make great alternative music in those days. You could even argue that he tried to appeal to a wide audience due to his universal lyrics and lack of experimentation during the first three albums. It was not until VLV when they deviated from their distinct sound, which was based solely
  13. I think you make a great argument for the quality of the song, but not for Chris' artistic approach. Although as an EDM track it stands out and even contains elements that aren't found in the genre itself like the build-up of instruments, it still was something that was completely unnecessary given how it contrasted drastically (instrumentally) from the rest of Ghost Stories. Question yourself this: Why did he decide to do EDM one year after Avicci and Calvin Harris dominated the Charts? Why didn't he release an EDM single in the 2000s if he really loves it? Why did he specifically collaborate
  14. Although you come off as abrasive, I have to agree with everything that you have said. I also want to add one thing. Chris cares a lot about what people think. I know as human beings we naturally do, but for Chris it got to a point where it interfered with his artistic approach. Actually, he has always been desperate for commercial success and approval even in the 2000's. The only difference between those years and now is that Alternative/Rock is not that popular anymore and doesn't perform well on the Hot billboard chart. Back then, he had the pressure to create great alternative music to top
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