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  1. I miss the Oracle! I remember checking that all the time back in the day 🙂
  2. Thank you both ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Hi everybody! My name is Tony Manfredonia, and I’ve been a huge Coldplay fan since their origins. Their albums have basically been the soundtrack to my life since I was in 1st grade. Been a Coldplaying-lurker but never made an account on here 😅 When my mom started teaching me music (she taught me piano/vocal/organ), I spent many moons covering too many Coldplay songs among other artists. When I was 16, my girlfriend at the time thought I should try writing music. Did it once, and fell in love with it. This all inspired me to go to school for music, graduating with a degree in mu
  4. I think that’s why I love Coldplay. Forever fearless to try new things! Even if they don’t stick, their courage and creativity is just amazing.
  5. I got the sense of “heaven” with this song, as well. Feels like a lot of heavenly imagery, with the sense that everyone who has gone before is there waiting for us.
  6. Random observation, but the little “doot doots” in the very beginning of Coloratura remind me a lot of Higher Power’s beginnings with Chris’ “bop! bop!” vocals.
  7. Obsessed with Coloratura. What’s so special, to me, is that it feels like it was done by the work of all four of them. Like you can individually hear all of their influence into it. Masterpiece.
  8. Oh my lord — seconding all of the sentiments above. I know I haven’t been a longtime member on here, but I’ve been a “lurker,” and Coldplay fan since day one. Cried on first listen. The Moving to Mars influence is VERY real in this. Piano in the beginning made me think of “Daddy,” and the overall harmonic/chromatic harmonies are just amazing. Orchestral influence. Classical influence. Pink Floyd influence. Is there anything Coldplay can’t do?! In the Top 5 for me. If not, Top 1! To add: I know they’ve got something planned with FFTF2024, but this honestly feels like such an
  9. Okay, I thought the same, too! Immediately my brain went “Viva La Vida era?!” Very cool. I’m excited about this Vol. 1 album very much.
  10. Did I hear “Life in Technicolor” in the preview or were my ears deceiving me? 😱😱😱
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