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  1. I haven't listened to Coldplay for years but just popped on here after hearing AICT. I think it's a great track and it was memorable for me after the first listen (despite the awful production). But it wears its inspirations very obviously on its sleeve - Pictures of You by The Cure, their own Atlas, the later piano from Clocks, much of the rhythm and energy from Yes (and the live version towards the end the live extended version of Yes). It's completely derivative, safe and nothing they didn't beat on VLV almost ten years ago, but pretty decent (awful mixing aside). On the face of it
  2. Hello! You mentioned in one of your posts back in 2006 (10 years ago!!) that your friend's partner at the time had been at Coldplay's first gig. I'm making a programme about the band and would love to talk to them. Are you still in contact with them? Thanks!! Chelsea

  3. The final penny dropped for me watching the Atlas video (a song I loved - shame they don't make albums like that anymore!) and saw what came up when the word 'Lord' was sung. Oh and that Rihanna Video where she's writhing in front of graffiti with 'princess of Illuminati' didn't help much either. I personally think the Illuminati is a lower level misdirection to stop folk realising who is really behind all this - Jay-Z is worth most of a billion and he's still nowhere, nowhere near the top. 2Pac turned against it all and was killed. Most of them are just playing out their roles as they'r
  4. Whatever insinuation you are making at me you make on yourself. Look in the mirror.
  5. As a hardcore fan of the band until recently the guy in the video is right on so many levels, even though he gets a few things wrong (mainly the deeper stuff - don't just pick him up on using wrong photos please or you may look a bit silly - there is photoshopped stuff used daily in the UK in newspapers - PROVEN!!!). They may very well not do anything bad whatsoever in their private lives, but there is a price to pay for fame (and Coldplay's part is blatantly the 'goody two-shoes let's bring the white middle class into the game role' imo), and you don't suddenly become best friends with Jay
  6. Shocking interview. I know (Chris mainly but the others back him up) they always talk shite but that's quite a step too far when for the early years they were totally reinvigorating rock and roll (it's not just 'rock' - you need the 'roll' - the groove they still had on Viva as a band). I guess I'm done with them but I'm sure many other corporate/X-factor/1Bieber/Miley fans will still pour in, so after 15 years and many gigs more than that they won't miss me (and vice versa!). Do you have any idea how obviously occult Coldplay have been since MX??? (It even has OTO spelled out for y
  7. The moon is extremely occult...and not in a good way at all. I'm not surprised - MX at last showed their colours nailed to the mast for all to see (OTO as the final line on the A side cover anyone?, and that's just for starters with that album). It took me a few years of looking into it quite deeply, but this is not good stuff :(
  8. Many thanks to all for the reviews and vids :) Good for you Batman telling that muppet where to go! There were masses of celebs and people who obviously had 'connections' there - I was in the champagne bar at one point and noticed quite a few familiar faces but as I don't watch TV and films anymore I don't know who they were really - no megastars but I'm sure there were a few there. Then there are those with connections to the venue who can either get tickets for themselves or for friends. My friend has a box at the 02 for example for all gigs to treat clients. Sickening really so I t
  9. I met him a couple of years ago. Though a new person could have taken on the 'role' I guess (?). Anyway it's probably worth asking him and/or Debs who 'Jesus' is and to pass on thanks :)
  10. It's not Anchorman - he's English I think (at least he definitely doesn't have a strong regional British accent) and isn't ginger.
  11. I dunno I'm trying to be generous :) I must admit I was tempted more than once to dash down to Miller (Roadie #42) at the sound stage and have a word! If there's wind or rain it plays havoc with sound at open air gigs, an inside gig is a very much more controllable environment. All that said, it wasn't bad last night, and it was a great night :D
  12. Because Youtube loses quality, but for ease of viewing and everyone to be able to see it I agree it'd be great to have it on there too :)
  13. All concerts are different depending on the set up. From where I was (back arena <edit> sorry I mean back stalls opposite the stage) it did seem they pushed the sound a little too far, but I guess they need that so it reaches the upper levels (?) <edit2> it's always a balance at gigs
  14. Just got in and caught up on the thread. Amazing venue. Amazing set up (stage and visuals etc). Astonishing crowd :D But for me (those apart) one of the lamest gigs I've seen them play stretching back to 2002. We knew the setlist from last night, but I didn't expect them to fail (or bother) to tease out anything extra from songs like Everything's Not Lost when the crowd were by no means finished (same with Viva La Vida though personally I think it's had it's day). Charlie Brown was truncated too. Just drop the euphoria and move onto the next number to get the gig over quicker I gue
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