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  1. haven't visited this page for a long long time and these sad news i found out randomly got me coming here :( god, you very one loving and enthusiastic person with such humor it's hard to find. may you rest in peace.

  2. happy birthday, have a great day :)

  3. oh i rememeber that article, it was a great source of info about their private lives, so 5 years, huh? yeah i rememeber they started dating on the AROBTTH tour or after it. yeah... he was with another girl, with several actually,at the time. :dozey:
  4. What does Chloe do? design jewlery? and does anyone know how long have those two together*
  5. after listening to it more... this album is far better than antics and it's an grower album. it gets better with every new listen.
  6. i've listened to it. album goes really fast, noit songs but the whole album. there are songs that are best work of Interpol till now, next to totbl. but the rest-- heinrich is (like i thought) the weakest and the rest is bland but a bit better than antics /though bare in mind i don't fancy antics too much/ . pioneer wrecking ball lighthouse chemistry pace is the trick are def highlights but my final thought of the album... is yet to come...
  7. people are saying nasty things about new album :( i've lost all my will t listen to it plus dwld speed of the file is awfully small.. i do have dsl but it dwl's sooooo slooow.
  8. okey,i'm just terrfied about these entering exams that will occur in 20 days. my whole future depends on it. you?
  9. congrats, i've finished my highschool a month ago and now i'm preparing for UNI and the entering exams it has. studying ....
  10. yeah..but it's also long :D
  11. it seeems it was taken from a mag called Spex. that explains why you couldn't find anything.
  12. interesting interview, but it didn't surprised me too much. i've listened to these new 4 songs and it didn't impress me too much . :( thanks Naty :kiss:
  13. God..haven't talked with you Mandy and Therese in ages.. :/
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