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  1. It would be nice to perform at the nice new stadium we have here for everyone.... not just a few select people! The whole southeast has been left out of this tour! :disappointed:
  2. Driving down from Orlando... staying over at Marriott Courtyard. Section 118 Row H...looking down on the floor at next to stage... see ya all there! Having dinner around 5:30 at Channelside (1 block over from Forum) TinaTapas... is very good! with a pitcher of Sangria! Then it will be Party Time! :)
  3. hey arieslady, Boston Coldplayfan here :-). Nice to meet you. How do we instant private message or is that not on here?

  4. Thanks LFDianne for the info ... yes, I will be walking then to HB. Glad you are coming to Tampa show Too! I can't wait til Tues! They didn't have the xylobands at Lolla last yr when I saw them... so this will be really cool ... well, all the pics look awesome! Thanks! :)
  5. I am getting excited! I always wanted to go to Hollywood Bowl and museum. It will be a Coldplay party with the wristbands, confetti and balloons! Yeah, I can't wait... flying in from Orlando. I am sitting in superseat section H. Staying in Best Western down the road... I hope it is walkable from hotel. I am renting car, but heard parking is pretty bad, so it is better to walk? Wearing the Coldplaying.com shirt so maybe I will see someone from here. See you Tuesday! :vuvuzela:
  6. OK, so I just think of my favorite dessert.... "My Gelato" if I cannot remember proper title! which rhymes with "Mr. Roboto" and "Winning the Lotto"... OK, stop! :) I like the MOO thing! on the cover.
  7. Yeah!!!! I'm pumped up too! I work at Disney World everyday and I can't wait to get out of this town!!! Spending time with some REAL people and REAL music!!! Hey! Anyone staying the whole weekend? Sunday night one block over from Grant Park and my hotel is Buddy Guy's Legends (700 Wabash) Blues Club in Chicago and Sunday night is his 75th Birthday Bash! Only $10 cover! And you will get to see a 5 time Grammy winner... one of the best Blue guitarist around. You know he's got to be there for his own birthday celebration. I am going to this after the festival. Restaurant menu til mid
  8. I don't know how long it will take me to check in at hotel... hope I can do early check in. Anyway, shall I look for a bunch of blue shirts up front. I hope I can get through crowd to you guys. Is anyone making any banners? OK, here's the weather report http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USIL0225 Looks like you will need a sheet of plastic or tablecloth waterproof kind and a plastic poncho. I think I read that handheld umbrellas are OK.
  9. It looks exactly like 66 shirt . It was pretty much like cafepress...just upload your image... only I used another font that looks similar to the Coldplay font. I don't remember the font name since I made it when the running man image first came on here. But it looks exactly like 66 shirt. :) Except, I redesigned it... I cut the sleeves for sleevless and neck for raw edge look... hahah! It's gonna be hot there!
  10. I used zazzle for my shirt since cafepress didn't have my size in the baby blue color. I made it and received email next day it was ready to ship and then received the shirt in 2 days mail. http://www.zazzle.com/
  11. Yeah!!! Got the wristband and lanyard today!!! Finally! See ya'll there and will be headed for the front after I check in at hotel. This will be a great time and looking forward to hanging with the Coldplayers! :)
  12. This is so disgusting!!! She will be out in time to party this weekend. I live in Orlando and I hope I NEVER see this horrible person anywhere. Oh, and this was just announced by Prosecuting Attorney, Jeff Ashton....he is retiring! He has adopted two small children and this must have really affected him personally.
  13. What!!!!! My shirt is already in the mail.... well, I can just use black marker or black spray paint and make graffiti over the Lolla part. Crap, I am not spending another $30.
  14. Yes, I am interested in ordering a shirt... I PM'd you... thanks! :) I think the black lettering shows up better than the white lettering though.
  15. Yeah, Twisted Logic was never played on Twisted Logic Tour
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