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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOJAd_OXVc0#t=11
  2. His friend actually ended up letting him borrow his for the trip. I think that's all he's going to need it for. Thank you so much for the offer though.
  3. Sup guys, I wondering if any of you would be able to help me. I want to buy decent ukulele for my boyfriend, around the €70 mark. I'm just really lost though. He's going travelling for the summer and wants something to mess around on. But he's a musician too, so I want to get him something good. Anyone able to help me?
  4. You should check out his other stuff too :nice: He did a cover of a Kodaline song with Orla Gartland
  5. I wonder if they will change up the forum. Does anyone have any word on stuff like this? :uhoh:
  6. Have you guys ever heard of Gavin James? He's a small enough artist here, but he has the loveliest voice. He did a quick cover of magic on his facebook page earlier. I hope he uploads a proper version soon.
  7. I heard coconut water is the bomb for curing hangovers, especially when you drink it before you go to sleep.
  8. I think majority of people on here (who know me) have seen it already, but for those who haven't. I am now a blonde. also hi.
  9. I lost my job I got through a shit ton of study and exams I went to London - and had dinner at the Shard and saw Once on the West End Saw The National live ( I actually almost forgot about that, haha. Greatest gig I've been to in ages) I had my first break up I got another job I got replaced at said job (like literally a month later basically cause I couldn't drive) I moved in with two friends Started final year Got two rabbits I got back with my boyfriend. It has not been my favourite year, just a lot of stress. And tbh I'm still stressed as fuck seeing as I have to pay €300 r
  10. MULTIQUOTE CAUSE YOU'RE ALL LOOKING FAB. Man, these are too cute. You got my vote! Biffy! ahh they're such awesome photos. Simon looks so happy. lookin snazzy. I don't know much about hockey but that's pretty damn cool :wacko:
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