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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOJAd_OXVc0#t=11
  2. His friend actually ended up letting him borrow his for the trip. I think that's all he's going to need it for. Thank you so much for the offer though.
  3. Sup guys, I wondering if any of you would be able to help me. I want to buy decent ukulele for my boyfriend, around the €70 mark. I'm just really lost though. He's going travelling for the summer and wants something to mess around on. But he's a musician too, so I want to get him something good. Anyone able to help me?
  4. You should check out his other stuff too :nice: He did a cover of a Kodaline song with Orla Gartland
  5. I wonder if they will change up the forum. Does anyone have any word on stuff like this? :uhoh:
  6. Have you guys ever heard of Gavin James? He's a small enough artist here, but he has the loveliest voice. He did a quick cover of magic on his facebook page earlier. I hope he uploads a proper version soon.
  7. I heard coconut water is the bomb for curing hangovers, especially when you drink it before you go to sleep.
  8. I think majority of people on here (who know me) have seen it already, but for those who haven't. I am now a blonde. also hi.
  9. I lost my job I got through a shit ton of study and exams I went to London - and had dinner at the Shard and saw Once on the West End Saw The National live ( I actually almost forgot about that, haha. Greatest gig I've been to in ages) I had my first break up I got another job I got replaced at said job (like literally a month later basically cause I couldn't drive) I moved in with two friends Started final year Got two rabbits I got back with my boyfriend. It has not been my favourite year, just a lot of stress. And tbh I'm still stressed as fuck seeing as I have to pay €300 rent every month and I don't have a job. But I'll get through.
  10. MULTIQUOTE CAUSE YOU'RE ALL LOOKING FAB. Man, these are too cute. You got my vote! Biffy! ahh they're such awesome photos. Simon looks so happy. lookin snazzy. I don't know much about hockey but that's pretty damn cool :wacko:
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