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  1. I wonder how many 10 minute prog songs Max Martin has produced in his time
  2. I’m listening to Viva la Vida again for the first time in ages. I used to think of it as a pretty cool album, now I rank it up there with the greats of the 2000s alongside Funeral and In Rainbows. I wish the music critics of the world would get past their “cOlDpLaY bAd!” prejudices and recognise this. I’m tearing up at points. A part of me wonders why they can’t still be like this. A part of me admits it’s the nostalgia talking. I’m really showing my old age here (Chris once said bands shouldn’t continue past 30, well guess how old I just turned). But there are so many memories come
  3. It definitely feels like the cheesiest song Coldplay have released but it makes perfect business sense, a collaboration with BTS is an easy way to get to #1. And if they're willing then why not? And if I squint It kinda sounds like a Carly Rae Jepsen song so maybe it's not all bad...
  4. If we're doing recommendations, listen to Rows by Mew. The lead singer Jonas Bjerre is also in Apparatjik with Guy Berryman! My mix starts at 21:42
  5. Colorutara currently has a score of over 4/5 on RYM, which is pretty huge. RYM is usually very negative towards Coldplay even when they're at their best, so this is a huge surprise. Several users are even calling it the best progressive rock song of the 2020s so far, which is insane.
  6. There's a lot of similarity to Mew here, particularly Rows Man, I want Guy to bring Jonas into the studio for the next LP10
  7. Songs like Coloratura and Arabesque frustrate me because they prove Coldplay can still make powerful, boundary-pushing and highly creative music, but they actively choose not to 90% of the time.
  8. It looks like Coloratura will probably be released at the same time everywhere. It's past midnight in Australia and NZ and there's no sign of it.
  9. This is the track I’m looking forward to the most. I feel spoilt getting it so early
  10. Look, if I could visit an alternative universe where MX and AHFOD never happened I would, but I can’t. This is who Coldplay are now and I’ve come to accept it. GS and EL are in my top 4 so I can live with this arrangement, and even the odd Newplay pop tune makes me smile when I’m in the right mood. It feels like beating a dead horse to say this, but I’d rather hear HFTW or SJLT at the gym than 90% of the radio pop crap they play. It’s not what I want Coldplay to do, but they do it better than most. I’ll never not be excited for new Coldplay, even though I have a good feeling MOTS may
  11. What do we recon will be on Volume 2? Will it even be an album, or an EP, or what? So far I've got Original UFO, UATW2, The Race and possibly (unlikely) Car Kids. And I can't figure out if Alien Radio is an actual song or not.
  12. When my fiancee heard it she compared it to Nikki Webster's Strawberry Kisses and like... she's isn't wrong.🥶
  13. My Universe is definitely the most radio-friendly out and out pop song the band has produced up to this point, so whether or not that's something that excites you depends on your perspective. I can imagine Oldplayers violently retching. Fans of SJLT and ASFOS might dig it though. I can already tell MOTS will definitely not make my top 5 Coldplay records. But as long as it's better than AHFOD I'll be happy. Already the artwork is much better, so that's something.
  14. Now we've had some time to sit with it, do we think Everyday Life counts as a return to Oldplay or not?
  15. Doubt it would actually happen, but I’d be into it. Sounding more like Ghost Stories isn’t necessary a bad thing in my book.
  16. Possibly. Though I'm a weirdo that has Ghost Stories in his top 3 so I'm not a great authority on these things
  17. Here's my current playlist 1. Everyday Life 2. Church 3. Orphans 4. Flags 5. Champion of the World 6. Eko 7. Arabesque 8. Trouble in Town 9. Cry Cry Cry 10. Guns 11. Daddy 12. When I Need a Friend
  18. I'm hesistant to say this album is a return to Oldplay perse, but I easily prefer it to Mylo and AHFOD. Maybe X&Y as well.
  19. I prefer the YouTube mix. I like the message of the album version but the sample is just too violent and jarring to sound at home in a Coldplay song.
  20. Not to make a big deal of this but, is Chris alright? He hasn’t been anywhere near his usual bubbly self in any of the EL interviews thus far. Even in the Ghost Stories era he was more upbeat. His comments on Glastonbury got me especially concerned; refusing to play there again all because of something some idiot on Twitter said. That’s very unlike him.
  21. I'm worried there'll be a ton more Church-style lipsynching at the next performance if Chris' vocals don't improve
  22. Yeah, sunset Jordan time. Which is probably tomorrow in your time.
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