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  1. I like meeting bands and getting autographs. I try not to ask too much of them so that I'm not disappointed. I don't know - its fun. I met Green Day several years ago, and they were much cooler than they are now (at least from a fans perspective). I don't blame them - they blew up huge. That's how it gets ruined.
  2. I use to collect a lot of music autographs. I would recommend going to soundcheck. It's a long shot for a large venue, but it's probably your best shot. I would also wait after the show. Again, a long shot, but I've seen it done many times. The guys from Green Day have gotten rather bad about signing and meeting their fans. Too many sellers and dealers have worn them down, I believe.
  3. I thought Morrissey was the only one killing DJs.
  4. Just listened to Runaways. It sounds like they keep building off the themes in Dustland Fairytale. It's the "Springsteen-esque" type themes. I have not made up my mind if that's a good thing or not.
  5. That's exactly right. Everything Colin has ever signed for me is that goofy abbreviated signature. It's silly, but it's consistently his signature.
  6. I was in NYC a few weeks back, and I saw these protestors running around. This is my opinion (short and simple): All these kids know is that college is more difficult to get into, more expensive once they attend, and more worthless when they get out. Perhaps they are not on point, but I understand their frustration.
  7. Daniel Craig must stalk Radiohead. I saw him at the Haiti show in Los Angeles.
  8. Wow, 2nd row and a good chat with some band members. That's a good night!
  9. How exciting. I bet it was a great show.
  10. Yeah, Chloe Dancer is an amazing couple of minutes. Crown of Thorns is good, but Chloe Dancer is an insane 2 minutes. Best line: "Chloe's just like me....only beautiful". That line always got me.
  11. Nice...I've been waiting for this for sometime (I've been posting about it for over a year).
  12. Anytime there is a big production show, you will get more of a canned concert. PJ does not have am elaborate stage show. They just come out in play. Because they drastically change the setlist nightly, each show has it's unique feel, which is why collectors love the PJ bootlegs. Plus, it's very tough to be able to play so many different songs on a nightly basis. For most bands, it takes them time to work out kinks when they introduce a new song on tour. PJ does it nightly.
  13. ^ Awesome review. I've seen PJ and Coldplay 7X each. While I obviously love each band, I appreciate Pearl Jam's ability to pull from deep within their catalogue and provide a unique show each night. I've never been to 2 PJ shows that feel the same. Each one is it's own unique experience.
  14. ^ I agree. A lot of the songs that were on Radiohead's last album were played by Atoms for Peace first. I hope Thom draws a clear distinction between the two.
  15. The band name Atoms for Peace is still hard for me to swallow.
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