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  1. Michael Brauer tweeted this yesterday: "wow, what a week, mixed some great music for Daryl hall( i can't get his hooks out of my head) and a couple songs for ... somebody else." Could Coldplay be the "somebody else"? , it seems very likely. :sneaky:
  2. If you ask me, i'm almost certain that Chris is high in the studio feed video. Go to 0:07 - 0:09 , his eyes look like slits, he has a unusually large smile and he seems to be acting very lethargic. After all most people experience heightened creativity including myself when influenced under pot. which could be used when recording a album. Although it is also possible it could be early in the morning or he could be tired from working long hours on the album. :confused: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zTqklX4p40]YouTube - STUDIOFEED #1[/ame]
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's their first pilgrimage to Worthy Farm since 2005 - when they went down a storm. Glasto guru MICHAEL EAVIS and his event organisers have been chasing CHRIS MARTIN and the lads to make a return - as Bizarre revealed in October. And this week the rockers finally put pen to paper on the deal. One massive outfit who will not be performing in Pilton are the ROLLING STONES. Bash bosses had tabled a huge offer for MICK JAGGER's gang to make their festival debut at Glasto, which kicks off on June 22. But
  4. In my post near the wall, sand castle at this point is left open to continue the definition of standing pillar of salt :laugh3:
  5. The article says "Here's another track rumoured to appear on a 2011 album" so its not for sure. Personally I don't think they would include it on the new record, I'm pretty sure it just for the latin american tour only. Chris even said himself, the song was to "celebrate what the band thinks of the latin american audiences"
  6. Thats what I'm wondering, thats some of the best photography I have ever seen :o
  7. Everytime I tell my friends that my favourite artist is Coldplay they either don't believe me or jokingly call me a fag and laugh, sometimes I dodge this by answering with "Kanye West" :lol: , So I would have to say those are my only "Embarrassing Coldplay Moments"
  8. Hilarious interview with Gwyneth on "Conan" (Chris Mentioned) Here it is. :) Although the whole interview is pretty funny, if you would just like to see the part Chris is mentioned, its from 3:57 - 4:25 , If you want to see Conan and Gwyneth talk about British Christmas go to 4:58 - 5:55 <object width='442' height='375' classid='clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000' id='ep'><param name='allowfullscreen' value='true' /><param name='allowscriptaccess' value='always' /><param name='movie' value='http://i.cdn.turner.com/tegwebapps/tbs/tbs-www/cvp/teamco
  9. What does it mean for an album to be "intimate" ? Does it mean the album will focus on a familiar sound that early fans have enjoyed from the past? (Parachutes) :thinking:
  10. The article states "The band have confirmed they are finally on the verge of releasing their "concept" album." but yet again it contradicts that by saying: "The chaotic recording sessions left them with a lot of half-formed and half-completed tracks, he adds. "We spent a year making a lot of noise. You know those things in a fairground where you have bran in a tub and in there are some hidden prizes? That's sort of where we are at," Does that above statement mean they have a while to go?, I am confused :thinking:
  11. "Can I categorically say here and now that Christmas Lights is a stand alone song and has absolutely no bearing on what is to follow. Nor is it any indication of any kind as to when the album will be released" - Oracle
  12. Naa, its just you, im on the site as I type this
  13. I couldn't agree more, Im guessing april at the earliest and august at the latest. I cant imagine them taking another year to work on the album when they basically have all the songs recorded, there simply isnt that much left to do on the album during that long length of time.
  14. I found another piece of the Q magazine article The band, who last topped the bill at Glastonbury in 2005, are one of a number of acts rumoured to be headlining the event in Somerset next June. But in an interview with Q magazine, singer Chris Martin played down the reports and said it “depends if we get asked”. He added: “That’s like getting asked to dance by Robert Pattinson if you’re a young girl. Imagine if Robert Pattinson called and asked, 'Do you want to touch my balls?'.” http://www.gigwise.com/news/59730/Coldplay-Glastonbury-Invite-Like-Touching-Robert-Pattinson-Balls
  15. There are a couple details from Q magazine in this article that havent been released yet http://www.musicrooms.net/rock-and-pop/20779-Coldplay-keen-to-%E2%80%98perfect-hand-clap%E2%80%99.html
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