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  1. Hey Hicksy how much did you pay for the ticks cos I saw them advertised for fuckin LOADS!
  2. I don't know best ask Richard Branson!
  3. Hey photobooth we haven't had an update ltely ...come on no slackin for Mr Martin. :)
  4. virgin....as in the company!
  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! dont worry paula it was a rumour I know but I still can't bear it but of course it's completely alright for me to have 3 kids of my own & my own life!
  6. ...theres always tomorrow! Today I've learned that ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!
  7. If the hips aint movin it just aint happening! ;)
  8. I hope I can still meet you & your sis!
  9. I'm an actor & am currently with a theatre company which I co-founded. I'm also doing a 'teaching skills for actors' course so I can teach adults acting. So when I'm out of work I can teach rather than waitress or clean! ;)
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