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  1. hey larry!? god lord dieter bohlen? are you crazy or is it irony?

  2. happy birthday have a great one best wishes :)

  3. Happy birthday, Larry. Have a nice day. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  4. You had Christmas yesterday but even so!! :D [IMG]

  5. Laaaaars! Alles klar? Frohe Weihnachten wünsch ich dir! Auf welchem Kontinent biste eigentlich grade? :hug:

  6. Ah it sounds really interesting! :) Well I just work in that logistics company for 6 months to get a taste of maritime shipping. When I finish at the end of January I will go back to Germany for half a year to study another semester there and then I have to write the bachelor thesis somewhere in a German company. I'd love to do it in Berlin. :) Perhaps I continue doing the master after that. I wish you a nice day!

  7. Hello again Larry, :hug: I am fine. I am working as a voluntarian to raise people's awareness of natural disasters in the world and also hoping that the awareness will make people donate to the aid agencies. I have also made a few translations on a voluntary basis. So you are working and living in U2's Dublin. It is cool. What exactly is an internship? Are you employed by the company for ½ year - and then what?

  8. Hi Nancy! That's really nice, thank you. :) Well I finished my studies in New Zealand at the end of July so I went back to Germany for a week to see my family and friends and to celebrate my birthday. Since August I've been living in Dublin, Ireland where I started a 6 month internship in a logistics company. I miss NZ but I'm also in love with Ireland! Great country! :) What are you doing? How's your life at the moment? Have a nice weekend!

  9. Hello Larry, In the lounge game: "Country" I just chose NEW ZEALAND thinking of you. HOW ARE YOU? I understand that your stay is good and the family you live with there are wonderful. I remember reading that they taped one of the football games for you to see. Have a nice week-end.

  10. Danke schön! :D

  11. happy birthday, have a wonderful one :)

  12. Happy Birthday & all the best!! :)

  13. Haha! Well, I will come back someday, that's for sure! :D

  14. Aww! that sucks. We'll miss you!

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