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  1. hey larry!? god lord dieter bohlen? are you crazy or is it irony?

  2. happy birthday have a great one best wishes :)

  3. Happy birthday, Larry. Have a nice day. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  4. You had Christmas yesterday but even so!! :D [IMG]

  5. Laaaaars! Alles klar? Frohe Weihnachten wünsch ich dir! Auf welchem Kontinent biste eigentlich grade? :hug:

  6. I had no clue you also took part! Excellent! :D So happy for you! Congratulations to everyone else especially to Anna and Nancy! ;) Was thinking about trying to attend as well but then I realised I don't have any more holidays at work. Need them all for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Have a nice boat trip next week!
  7. Well said! That's one of the things why I'm proud to be a Werder Bremen supporter. :D I always hoped Özil would play a bad World Cup because I knew sooner or later he would go to a better club... He played very well against Turkey and I cannot understand why all the Turks were pissed because he was born in Germany and he had to decide between either team. Fantastic match anyway! I was really surprised of the stadium in Kazakhstan and about the fact that kick-off was at 11pm local time. 1st half was a bit boring but 2nd half was really great! And Turkey lost in Azerbaijan hehe. I'
  8. Match suspended after 6 minutes (and 35 minutes delay beforehand) due to Serbian hooligans... :\ [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccgCVCdsQsM]YouTube - Briga de torcedores radicais suspende partida entre Itália Vs Sérvia 12/10/10[/ame]
  9. Hehe I've never seen this one before! Classic! :D
  10. This happens when you try to touch the shoulder of the referee and she moves one step backwards (2. Bundesliga). :D [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc-K4p8D940&feature=related]YouTube - Busen-Wischer bei Schiri Bibiana Steinhaus (Hertha - Aachen)[/ame]
  11. Anyone noticed the trend in Germany to cover and translate famous songs? This version of Dynamite is so incredible! :D [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLcDHDROaiw]YouTube - Dynamite - Auf Deutsch![/ame] Teenage Dream [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1d5Z_9DTcQ&feature=related]YouTube - Teenage Dream - Auf Deutsch![/ame] Use Somebody [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XmYnAF6ZU8&feature=related]YouTube - Use Somebody - Auf Deutsch![/ame]
  12. Mainz 05 is absolutely incredible this season and they have some talented young players in their squad like Lewis Holtby (who decided to play for Germany instead of England whenever Löw or Capello nominate him). So does Borussia Dortmund and 1899 Hoffenheim while Schalke 04 who spent most of the money this season for players like Raúl (Real Madrid) and Huntelaar (AC Milan) is 17th haha! I enjoy this season so far although my lovely Werder Bremen isn't that successful either! :)
  13. Awesome! Well that's life how it should be. You only live once. :) Hope you'll have a great time next week. See ya!
  14. Ah it sounds really interesting! :) Well I just work in that logistics company for 6 months to get a taste of maritime shipping. When I finish at the end of January I will go back to Germany for half a year to study another semester there and then I have to write the bachelor thesis somewhere in a German company. I'd love to do it in Berlin. :) Perhaps I continue doing the master after that. I wish you a nice day!

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