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  1. Yeah I was kind of the same! I saw the C stage early on had some sort of spaces, but was lazy and sat in the seats for a while :P when I met my friends who'd volunteered for Oxfam, we just stood so we'd get second row for the C stage. It was fantastic to see the band so close, even if only for the two songs. I also quite enjoyed the space to dance around to the songs at the back for once, it was like a party atmosphere almost :cool:
  2. Thanks so much for filming that... it was amazing!!! :nice: How long so many of us have waited to hear it :) (the only bad thing was that most people around me were talking at that point, so it's nice to remember it like this)
  3. Great photos! I think I must have been standing right behind you when they came to this stage, my videos have exactly the same viewpoint! :D I'd never watched them at this stage before, it was really good and amazingly close!! (although I'll admit I did miss being as close for the rest of the show a little bit, haha :P )
  4. Here's a video of the intro to Charlie Brown... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YSoPqBlbQE]Charlie Brown intro at Coldplay Emirates Stadium 01/06/12 - YouTube[/ame] :dance:
  5. HAHA! I came here to post that... but it's already here :D thanks Jen! I have some more to upload. I wish I was back there :/
  6. For people moaning about it not being completely dark, yes, it wasn't completely dark for the wristbands with Hurts like Heaven, but for all the other songs a little later, it was perfectly dark :)
  7. Just got back from London... it was an awesome gig! :dance: The stadium was a great venue. The fireworks were also amazing!! I couldn't get there very early, so it was nice not to queue up for hours for once and just wander around the pitch and seating area getting some different views. Luckily I could meet up with the girls volunteering with Oxfam too, and we had a great time watching from the back of the pitch (pretty far away though) but standing near to the 'C stage'... when the band finally got there, it was excellent - I've never watched at that stage before, but you're soooo close to
  8. Really looking forward to Friday... :D Anna, I'll have to try and find you girls to say hello :nice:
  9. Thanks, I really enjoyed watching that. Reminds me that they are always my favourite band :heart:
  10. I think there is only one entrance for standing tickets! That's better really :)
  11. I think they're doing it on purpose to create the illusion of the gig (well particular areas like standing) being sold out... letting tickets go slowly. It's a shame... if they'd announced this gig a lot earlier, I think more tickets would have sold but it was a bit late notice. I hope for their sake that there aren't loads of empty seats!! Maybe they should have chosen a slightly smaller venue too... :confused: (although I know they've done that because they're there the night before) Still... should be a good gig :)
  12. oh my goodness... that's sooooooo good!!! :o Really hope I can hear it some time... it's one of my favourites.
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