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  1. yea i hate when chris starts singing agian at 2:43, sounds awful and out of place, the rest of the song i really like!
  2. i tried bringing this up in the official board but not many people replied... did anyone on here go to the super-exclusive show at the Metro in Chicago. This venue is so great, it's a really tiny place and the show was a buzz-gig for the x&y pre-realese tour, so anyone else go!
  3. what chicago gig and is it a video or audio, and where is it??? sorry
  4. oh man i really want to see them live. so far ive only heard 'steady as she goes' and 'store bought bones' and i really like those songs. im gonna see them live at lolapalooza this summer. do they have harder sounding stuff like the two mentioned above or are they more mellow live?
  5. anyone have a tour agneda they can share, i really want to see them, i hope they come to chicago soon
  6. this was such a hard chioce to make... but i finally came to The Wall, these are the reasons why; i think that the wall had the best lyrics from any of there albums, it had a story but every song was singnificant in their own special way, it was hard for any man to relate with all the songs on this two disc set. my favorite pink floyd song is not even on this cd, which is 'shine on you crazy diamond, parts 1-9', so it was had to choose between these two. plus the wall has the movie attached to it and thats whole 'nother huge plus. and another thing, winnie u are so lucky to have seen david gilmour in concert! the setlist looks amazing and i too would've fell off my chair if i heard echoes!
  7. that one was posted on the other forum
  8. spy13

    what up

    new here, coldplay is the best, i hope this forum is more exciting than the official one
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