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  1. Good catch, thanks for the heads up! I can already imagine people getting annoyed again about naming things New York when it's actually in Jersey.
  2. Yeah, you're right for those B-market cities. But I can't see how they'll do arenas in NYC & Chicago, etc. after selling out two stadium dates in each city. We'll see I guess. What's most important for me is a General Admission floor, but promoters won't let that happen unfortunately.
  3. Don't think they'll play arenas, they're a tad too big for that. If they do, they're gonna be adding 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. dates forever. But at the same time, I don't think they'll be doing stadiums again either. I'm thinking baseball fields: Citi Field in Queens, Wrigley Field in Chicago, Fenway Park in Boston, etc. Anybody have a hunch as to when the tour will happen, before or after the European dates? Would love another summer run in August after they finish up in Europe.
  4. So...the moon phases at the top right of the site...pretty sure all of them were white and the last one wasn't a circle. Could something be going on here? Screenshot
  5. Someone has the physical album right now. https://instagram.com/p/-lFGC0SQCM/ [ATTACH=CONFIG]33056[/ATTACH]
  6. uhhhh..... https://instagram.com/p/-lFGC0SQCM/ [ATTACH=CONFIG]33055[/ATTACH]
  7. Completely understand that, and it's nice to have healthy discussions between varying opinions. Your original comment was worded in a rather nicer way than what I've seen around here lurking over the last few months so it was really just a general comment on these types of things that irk me and your comment just brought me to finally say something about it. Again I have no problem with you hating or loving (or "something in between"-ing) this song. I also had no problem with the rest of your comment and actually, to an extent, agreed with your comment about depth-ness (as I recognized below average lyrics and can definitely see how strongly people personally connect to the right song). But for me, I just draw a line when it someone seems to state as fact something being perfect and then questions other's definition of perfection as well. I guess it can be done in a civilized way but it's like walking on a knife's edge and I'd rather not deal with that hah. That is all.
  8. Interesting! Took a look at the Amazon page for the vinyl and it says it has a die-cut outer sleeve. Very possible you're right and both the intricate and simple covers are official.
  9. 5/5: Adventure of a Lifetime is honestly a perfect song in my eyes. To the person who said earlier that they had no idea why someone would give the song a perfect score since it would mean it's up with the likes of legendary bands/songs, I'll give you an idea: people have different, wide-ranging tastes that are as valid as your own. What I call perfect (this song), you might think is sub-par (because it's your taste!). What you call perfect (Bohemian Rhapsody, Rolling Stones), I could care no less about (because it's my taste!). I can describe as perfect whatever song or band makes me feel a certain way (a way that's unique to me and is indescribable); something I deem amazing, of quality, makes me smile, and never fails to bring my mood up - and this song is that. I can jam out to a fun disco pop song (and yes, with meh lyrics even) and have the time of my life at shows when its played while the next song I listen to has as much meaningfulness as the next pre-MX coldplay song mentioned and get this...enjoy them just the same! Not everyone can do that, and I understand that because t a s t e s and o p i n i o n s exist. I have no idea why some can't get this through their minds. You can post your opinion (however negative or positive it is) without having to call into question other's definition of what they think is a "perfect" song or a "perfect" band or even a "terrible" song or a "terrible" band (it goes both ways!!), subjectivity is an amazing thing. Hopefully this comes across as contributing to the conversation and not as an attack because that is the least of my intentions. / rant
  10. Ugh, their new record is so so so so good. Love Fortune 500.
  11. Listening to Nick Grimshaw now, they're still acting like it's the most secret thing ever hah
  12. I think they'll keep the timeline up actually, for viewing. Just have a tab on the new site for it or something like that.
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