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  1. Amazing interview! It was a great opportunity so big congrats!!! I love that Guy chose Daylight as it's one of my all-time favorites and I love how excited Will got with the present you gave him, hehe
  2. I can't believe this is actually happening. Can't wait for the official announcement on their website. I still cannot believe it! The poster was actually sighted in Buenos Aires, not in La Plata, which is a few km to the south.
  3. The thing is, even when they're not with Jo, they seem to "show moreof themselves" you know what I mean? Of course, Chris seems to be able to act like that with whoever interviews him, that's just how he is and the fact the others are more reserved is their personality. That does not make them bad people by any means!
  4. Even though they seem quite happy with how things are and to just let Chris take the spotlight, they are really interesting when they do sit for interviews. I think Jonny and Guy seem somewhat more comfortable in interviews when Chris isn't around. They say more than they would normaly do if they were paired up with Chris and they're even funny and witty. Maybe it's cause they just have to do all the talking. Of course , as it was mentioned before, the press' interest is mainly on Chris and sometimes they get asked questions ( like about lyrics and stuff) that only Chris could answer. [vide
  5. It's cool that those posters appear just like that. I hope they do not take too long to officially announce something, though. I doubt I'll find any of those posters here in Buenos Aires but I'll keep an eye out for them. If I do spot one, it'd be brilliant!
  6. As far as I understand Eduardo Peña is the president of the Arena and not the name of the place, which I believe is a stadium and not an arena like the ones Coldplay play at during the US Arena Tours for instance. Gremio Arena is a stadium, so if this ends up to be true it would be a stadium tour and not an arena tour. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arena_do_Gr%C3%AAmio
  7. Buenos Aires, Argentina A Rush of Blood To The Head
  8. I don't remember about Asia. There was one of them hidden in Mexico, not South America, but at least a Latin American country. I agree with valencoldplayer, they should try to visit places they have never been to yet-or that they only visited once- but where there is still a huge fanbase, which seems to be the case of Philippines and Indonesia and it would be great if they went to more places in Latin America. I do understand that at the end of the day it's all about business and location that's why Los Angeles got like 5 shows last time in the GS era and that's why they always visit France
  9. They never gave a reason, never said why beyond a very vague "unforseen circumstances", which of course might have been true, I mean it surely was but it could mean anything. They announced the dates, three days later they postponed, then they didn't say anything for two months and they finally cancelled. It's a great mystery :stunned:
  10. Well, they did say that last time around, didn't they? Then they cancelled. So I would really like to think they will come here for sure, but only time will tell. They really seem to like it here despite what happened last time. If they do come I think they will most likely play in Buenos Aires and maybe Córdoba. God, 5 years...
  11. Will it be revealed today? Who's going to ask the questions? Sounds interesting but confusing at the same time :lol:
  12. As it's already been said Live 2003 is more emotional and I think I just get nostalgic when I ocassionally re-watch it -in a good sense though. I thought Live 2012 was the best thing ever when I first watched it at the cinema but since then I just can't watch it, just pisses me off every time I've tried cause I can't see it objectively yet. It is, however, really well done and I love the transitions between the interviews and the song that comes after each of them and the ending is just lovely but I still prefer Live 2003.
  13. didn't he get married during the Viva Era or something? :thinking:
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