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  1. that's pretty weird. i do know that people got their emails at different times last night. i had a problem with my pre-order that lasted about 3 hours. It said that the album was "no longer available in the itunes store." I only fixed that when I got rid of the 3 song credits I had on my account. maybe try emailing itunes and see what they can do.
  2. i received the email notification and tried everything else and all i keep getting "The item you tired to buy is no longer available"
  3. go to google video and type in life in technicolor, you can watch it there. its always been up there even when it hasn't been on youtube.
  4. we love to coldplay and chris because he is like that, his music reflects the human condition, the human element in a manner that no other band can and in a manner that reflects my life and who i am. If he is a wuss, then I'm a wuss right along with him, he's a hero in my book and coldplay brings me so much happiness every day. I can give a flying fuck what anyone says about coldplay i get shit about liking them every single day it just doesnt matter. I'm so happy and lucky to be a coldplay fan. the x&y tour is over now; i've spent about 600 dollars on coldplay the past 18 months and it was all worth it; hours upon hours spent on the forum and listening to their music, seeing coldplay 4 times in a one week period after waiting 6 years, thats how much coldplay means to me, it truly can't be described. From the very beginning they've been described as "music for bedwetters" who cares what some stupid, ignorant music journalist says. All that matters is what you think and the happiness coldplay brings you not what anyone else says and the memories that their music brings you. i'm happy being a wuss cause i know who i am and i like coldplay cause their not popular; popularity is stupid.
  5. Anybody have any idea where I can get a globe that looks similar to the one on the Parachutes album cover? I think it would be awesome to have one in my room and listen to coldplay at night in the dark with it rotating around the only light around. If not anyone have any ideas how i could light up a regular globe to look like it? Thanks a lot.
  6. thanks soooooooo much for the pics. yeah we had such an amazing crowd that night it was so awesome.
  7. well first of all pal im not gay, i bet you have pictures of soccer players or something up in your room....like i said when i first posted this forum it has nothing to do with attraction its just admiration.
  8. hahahahah nettie obviously you have the most pics, i was gonna say "i have more pics than most girls except nettie" but ive never talked to you before so i woudlnt know how youd feel about it hahahah. nettie youre just the best overall.
  9. steelwater youre not babbling at all, i mean you made some very good points, but always know that whenever things bring ya down theres always someone out there who will understand.......and for me its coldplay. everytime i fail with a girl or am scared about the future they help me through it. they say everything that i can't say, they take my intangible feelings and make them tangible.
  10. ifeellowohno

    man crush

    i was reading an article a couple of weeks ago and it said that every teenage boy develops a man crush on certain older men, nothing sexual, but they become completely entranced and enthralled with the man. Its funny cause thats definitely coldplay for me. I probably have more pics of guy, jonny, will, and chris than most girls out there, im completely obsessed with the guys; they truly are my heroes. It just shows how much something like music can actually mean to a person and how just four guys playing music can change your life forever. I mean I completely try to be exactly like the guys...i like to do their whole tribute to Kraftwerk by wearing all black with white shoes, ive taken up guitar,, its really awesome to see how much they mean to all of us; and the intensity of our devotion to them can not be put into words. coldplay fans are the best in the world.
  11. i love you!!!!!! gosh tahnk you sooooo much.
  12. yeah the thing was they just didnt include the second vinyl disc only the first six tracks, not anything from speed of sound to til kingdom come, hugeeeeeee ripoff.
  13. whatever they make will be amazing.......theyre coldplay for petes sake........but i do love his confidence
  14. I'm soooooooooo bummed i bought x&y on vinyl at amoeba records in san francisco and whoever packaged it put two discs of square one to x&y completely leaving out everyting from speed of sound to 'Til Kingdom Come......what a rip off.
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