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  1. Sorry Coldplay. I'm not willing to pay more than 100 Euros for an expected 90 minutes gig.
  2. Same here. At 9 I clicked on refresh and on shopping basket. But the tickets were gone.
  3. Sadly, it's true. Most notably the volume of the audience got somehow over-manipulated. Of course, during a production you would level different sounds, but in case of Live 2012 the audience sounds strange. I'm not happy with the BluRay and the CD. This year's concert in Cologne was the best Coldplay concert I have ever been to. The setlist was almost perfect. The stage design and effects were absolutely awesome. Very sadly the film does not reflect this experience. No tension, simply boring. They should have released a whole concert accompanied with a documentary. In addition, they sh
  4. Same here. I will wait for my sister to come home to watch it with her.
  5. It would be nice if they choose the live version as a radio single. HLH live has such a vivid vibe. And it would coincide with the Live album.
  6. Once again, i think it has to do with the actual recording mix. They either did not put up enough microphones to record the crowd or mixed the volume down. The sound from the crowd you hear is probably only recorded by Chris' mic. And this mic is not meant to record the crowd, but Chris' voice. You get what I mean? ;-) I guarantee, in the stadium it all sounds much louder than in this stream.
  7. But it still sounds like they put up one microphone in front of a bunch of people. They should have put more up. Anyway, the band is sounding fantastic. Chris' voice is in good shape this evening.
  8. In Cologne, they came on at 9.15 local time. I guess it will be the same time today.
  9. I guess the radio station is also avaible on Digital Satellite Radio, at least in Europe (check the map in the link below). Likely, the quality is better than on the stream. More Information on this: http://www.onastra.co.uk/244331/channelfinder/tv/show/17227-Bayern-3
  10. Quite boring. I was hoping for a plot in this video. But half of the video they are sitting face to face in the desert singing lalalalalala.
  11. This is the way it should have sounded like. Awesome!
  12. Ich habe die Stehplätze für 69 € gewählt. Im Grunde wäre ich ja bereit 86 € zu zahlen, wenn ich auch den entsprechenden Mehrwert erhalte, sprich, mal ein Konzert von über 2 Stunden und nicht immer diese 90 Minuten. Müssen ja nicht gleich 3 Stunden, wie bei Springsteen sein, aber von einer Band, die über ausreichend Songmaterial verfügt, kann man schon etwas mehr verlangen. Deshalb habe ich mir auch das Konzert in der Lanxess-Arena gespart. I've chosen standing-tickets for 69 €. In general i would be willing to pay 86 €, if Coldplay would deliver a 2 hour show. They've got enough materi
  13. Ich zahl es nicht ;-). Ich nehme normale Stehplatzkarten.
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