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  1. happy birthday, have a wonferful day :)

  2. I would Love a copy Can you please add me to the list, I would love a copy
  3. Treblezine review's Prospekt's March http://treblezine.com/reviews/2948-Coldplay_Prospekt_s_March_EP.html Coldplay Prospekt's March Capitol 2008 Since I was the Trebbler who wrote about Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, I think it's fitting that yours truly should be the one who reviews Prospekt's March. Think of this EP as Coldplay's version of Radiohead's bonus In Rainbows disc that was released in that extremely expensive box set that has inexplicably yet to be released on its own. (C'mon Thom, you could learn a little from Chris Martin and his boys, release that bonus
  4. Re: Lhuna Can someone please pm me an mp3 link? I'm having trouble logging in to redwire site. thanks, AEC
  5. I'm searching for an mp3 of Reign of Love by itself. I haven't been able to find one, just the album version of Lovers in Japan. Can anyone share Reign of Love mp3 by itself?
  6. After finishing re-watching Coldplay on The Daily Show, I listened to "42" again. I noticed that at 1:45 you can hear a voice say "What" during the instrumental break before the lyric "you thought you might be a ghost..." Anyone hear ghost like voice?
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