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  1. Wilco - The Whole Love (vinyl) Love at first listen!
  2. Hey, happy birthday to you! Have a good day:wacko:

  3. Happy birthday! :)

  4. i learned to never sing "Hey Jude" at karaoke ever again. That Na na na nana na na ending goes on for 4 1/2 fucking minutes!
  5. each has its pros and cons. I had to weigh out my options when I talked to DiscMakers. I ended up going the digipak route. Digipaks are generally more aesthetically pleasing, are lighter and not as bulky, and can be made to be biodegradable and/or using recycled paper. The main con would be wear&tear, but now they make them with a UV coating, protecting the artwork from fading, and from staining. I actually tried to sign a copy for someone, and the sharpie just wiped right off. My problem with Jewel Cases has always been durability. I've ordered CDs in the mail that came to me with crac
  6. The King's Speech 9.5/10 Great Movie. Close call between it and The Fighter as the best movie of the year. Colin Firth deserved the Oscar.
  7. Alright then. I guess that wraps-up this thread.
  8. I learned about the many ways to sell 1000 CDs Online *(Site: What I'd be able to afford if I sold 1000 CDs) DigStation: a baby-grand piano, an extended holiday to anywhere in the world, and getting my record pressed on vinyl (500 DBL LPs) CD Baby: an upright piano, a short holiday to somewhere in Europe, and a 1000 more CDs to sell. iTunes: a bottle of cheap whisky Amazon: a McDonald's Hamburger.
  9. i did indeed. The malic acid in strawberries are an intense astringent in removing build-up and discoloration. However, it can harm the enamel, so you have to brush your teeth with enamel-strengthening toothpaste afterwards.
  10. I learned that I can whiten my teeth using a strawberry
  11. Hey, wow that sounds pretty cool. I hope you got cool neighbours around there who won't complain about the rehearsing...I like the idea of being creative with two things, you might be able to combine film and music.. I am good...just kinda busy recently. Still working and I need to study for my final exam which is on the 4th of May. Sometimes I feel like things are going so fast now and I still don't have a clue what will happen in summer...I don't know why but sometimes I think that there will be some kind of "wonder" which will lead me to the right thing ahh Hope you are having some nice holidays!

  12. anyone around the Atlanta area wanna be a Zombie on this show? My room mate is a PA on that show and they start filming in August. Just sayin... :D
  13. Hey there. I'm great. I've been MIA for a few days, been out and about. I actually found a house and some people to live with. I'll be living with one other musician and two who work in film, so I'll be able to rehearse and work on film projects. We're talking about creating our own youtube channel and doing sketch shows. Hope all is well.

  14. Hey how are you? Thanks. You are right. I think following your heart is always the best thing and I might have neglected that too often in the past. So, I'll let you know if my creative outlet happens.

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