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  1. At Iceland Airwaves today, the band played a new song called Brennisteinn. Here's the video. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPEhKNlPLBo]Sigur Rós - Brennisteinn - NEW SONG - Iceland Airwaves 2012 - YouTube[/ame] What do we think?
  2. The lack of SoGreatandPowerful in this thread is disappointing. I rectify it forthwith. Like so. I am a brony myself, and I can enjoy some of the songs in the fandom, so long as it's somewhat thoughtfully written. I'm not one to enjoy the dubstep/house stuff that's out there, but there are some great musicians out there to counter all of that.
  3. It's good - really good. But it feels more like an abandoned track from The Eraser, or an early TKOL track, rather than something that all the members have had input in.
  4. Watch in awe as you gape upon my magnificently fast internet. :dozey:
  5. Haha, I just ripped it from Coldplay's official site :P

  6. You're avatar has always tripped me out.

  7. > Set roses on fire > Place outside stalker's apartment door > Leave, and never return Yep.
  8. Today's xkcd. Best one in a while, in my opinion :D
  9. I really hope it's not November. As much as I would love that, it'd be right near my final exams. And I do not want to have to try and balance the two...
  10. How am I only discovering this comment now?! Goddamn it Andrew.

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