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  1. But TLW has been released. :bomb: I hope they focus on songs they debuted in the past two years, although I'd love to hear a proper recording of Lift, live or studio version.
  2. Still waiting for my book - hopefully it'll be here by the end of the week. :wacky:
  3. You're going to be fine. Take your time to think it through and calm down and eventually, you'll be all right. What RedBalloon said is very true.
  4. Sorry to hear. :( Break-ups suck, especially over the phone. :hug: Now go do it. :whip: That said, I'm off to transcribe a speech. 17 minutes left. :bomb:
  5. Awww that's one of the best things ever - to hear your gf's/bf's voice after a long time. :nice: How come it took you such a long time (I hope you don't mind me asking)?
  6. Come over here during the summer and we'll go rafting!
  7. It's a similar situation over here but they stopped doing referendums because they realised the only thing that happens is that the country loses money because of stupid shit. Sorry for being so.... off-topicky.
  8. Happy holidays for those who have/celebrate them!
  9. Take it one step at a time and don't think too far into future. It's the only way to cope, I find.
  10. That was nice! Can't wait to hear the whole/complete thing. :cool: :awesome: I want to see it ASAP! I wish my days were longer.... I need to transcribe a speech but I CBA. :uhoh:
  11. I already have an fg700s and it sounds great but it's not mine. So when I go to a music shop, I'll try out both models and see if the fg730s is worth the money, considering I don't intend to play gigs. I practised Everlong and Death of a Party earlier because I can't play them fast enough just yet. They're fun and easy enough for a beginner like myself. Now I'm eating cottage cheese and thinking of going to bed.... It's quarter past midnight already and I need to be up at 7:30. Yaaaaaawwwwn.
  12. Hey! :nice: I'm thinking about going to a shop to try out some guitars (looking at Yamaha fg700s and fg730s). I've got a new job so guitars may become an affordable thing.... finally. What's everyone else up to?
  13. Ugh. I'm so sorry. What the hell is wrong with Croatians?
  14. Hi! *waves* Exploring different genres/ways of writing songs is good. It can't hurt so keep on going!
  15. Sorry, I can't keep track of everything and everyone but yes, I remember you sent your questions in. I'll wait for another day and if I don't get any other questions, I'll just send the ones I already have.
  16. It's probably one of the worst ways to deal with the problem and I don't feel particularly comfortable about it but as another newspaper said, these posts were published online and anyone could've seen them and the posters' real names. Here is the article if anyone wants to have a look (or read): http://www.jutarnji.hr/mracna-strana-hrvatske--ovo-su-pritajeni-ekstremisti-medu-nama/1140564/
  17. Is that why a newspaper (was it?) published homophobic people's names online recently? Anyway... It's a dumb referendum, considering it costs a lot of money and because it's against gay marriage. :/
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