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  1. Thank you, nice job ! So here's another gift for you, my audio remastered version of the tape : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/babcaae0c7bb09da0132721895f787ad20190113204524/66889fa4bf290b73c818880731c7ece920190113204524/50dc03
  2. Hello, Now I have the Love in Tokyo CD, I'm trying to identify the locations of the live recordings. In the booklet, we know that the tracks were recorded at : Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Olympic Stadium, Seoul Stadio San Siro, Milan Stade De France, Paris Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam Rose Bowl Stadium, Los Angeles The Red Bull Arena, Leipzig Glastonbury Festival, UK I put here the locations for each track when it's known : A Head Full Of Dreams Yellow (Live from Glastonbury) => Chris speech before the end of the song. The Scientist Paradise (Live from San Siro, Milan) => Everglow (Live from Stade de France, Paris) => "Merci beaucoup tout le monde" by Chris at the end of the song. Midnight/Charlie Brown Hymn For The Weekend Fix You (Live from Tokyo Dome) => Viva La Vida Adventure Of A Lifetime Us Against The World (Live from the Red Bull Arena, Leipzig) Something Just Like This (Live from Tokyo Dome = Tokyo Remix) A Sky Full Of Stars Up&Up (Live from San Siro, Milan, a lot edited) => The work is hard because we have to compare the tracks with the videos of the gigs on youtube to find the correct locations. Could you help me to complete ? Thank you in advance
  3. The video delay is not the same between the stereo audio track and the 5.1 audio track. Could you think that’s why we have the sensation of a gap when we are watching ? Audio 1 : -40ms Audio 2 : -29ms
  4. I watched some songs of the 720p video (thank you for sharing) and I have the sensation that all the audio track is not well sync with the video, not only the vocals... the lag is very very tiny. I discovered the brazilian song on the C Stage, beautiful !
  5. Well, I hope the audio quality of the physical DVD is better than that. I hope for a true LPCM lossless audio track. No interest to extract the audio part of the gig with this lossy iTunes quality.
  6. I'm ok with your point of view. And I think I will prefer the audio tracks of the Sao Paulo gig if there is less cheating with the vocals. As soon as I'll get a physical copy, I will extract a lossless version of the tracks with DVD Audio Extractor.
  7. It could be interesting to listen the audio of SJLT on the Sao Paulo DVD. I hope it's the origninal recording and not the tokyo remix again!
  8. I've found on the internet a perfect flac version without rip error or stuff like that. I've compared it to the mp3 320 and the iTunes AAC, the flac is equal to the CD.
  9. Yes you're right ! The master from iTunes is different from the other streaming services. Thank you for this interesting tidbit !
  10. The Love in Japan album has been recorded in Japan and also in various locations all around the world. Si it could be nice to have the credits and recording locations, I hope they put it in the booklet ! Maybe they took SJLT from the buenos aires show ? Could you compare the song on the two releases with the tokyo remix ?
  11. Hello all, I'have listened some tracks and the mix of the sound is not very well balanced. The bass and the drums are superior than the other elements and the guitars are very very far in the mix. A bit disappointed. By the way, i'm looking for the "love in tokyo" digital download but all the japanese digital stores don't want to sell it to me. And finally, on this japanese release, I heard a sample of UATW and this is the leipzig version (not played in Tokyo). Cheers from France
  12. Hello, Could someone reupload the show with best audio quality ? 256 or 320 or lossless ? Thank you in advance
  13. Hello, This is my recording of the Spotify session, : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/53ba3f42cbc7ce028ad869a550840ac320161223213332/9e17642368d7cc1a61e602e29379108220161223213332/f9a6a8 Recording process : Spotify Premium 320Kbit/s quality > iPhone plugged with USB Cable on MacbookPro (digital recording directly from the app) > recording of the whole EP with QuickTime Player, AIFF-C PCM 16bits (21min09sec) > edit/split made with iTunes > conversion in iTunes Plus file (AAC 256Kbit/s (VBR) .M4A) There is no blank between tracks ;) Have yourself a merry Christmas! Cheers
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