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  1. happy birthday kasia, i hope you have a great one :)

  2. mmmhmm she is. when i told my partner who`s an aquarius also, he flipped out and he hardly ever does! :lol:
  3. thank you all guys!!!!!! this really is the bestest message board in the world and i`m glad i can share my joy with ya`llz :D joshie is tiny. he was born in 38th week so 2 weeks before my due date and was 50 cm long and 3120 g light. when he came out and the midwife put him on my belly i couldn`t belive he was mine! now i hope all this baby talk won`t start a trend of all the girls in here getting pregnant :P it`s a great yet difficult experience - the 9months and labour and postanatal recovery - and make sure you`re ready for a a baby cuz we weren`t financially ready but we still love our baby sooooo much. anyway, it`s too much granny talk from me. i don`t remember if i mentioned who also was born on feb 17th. it`s..... ...PARIS HILTON :cool:
  4. yeah that`s his daddy. joshie has his nose and also his eyes and stare.
  5. hehe thank you!! :D i gotta go now and sort the baby loundry out :cool:
  6. oh ok it works with image shack. i shall continue
  7. aaargh i can`t post pix. i`ll try imageshack
  8. hi ya! those who know me and remember me know that i was recently pregnant. but i`m not anymore and i wanted to share my joy in the best forum in the world even tho i`m not able to post anymore due to lack of time. so my lil son was born on 17 february at 10.12 pm and his name is joshua. he`s an aquarius just like his daddy :D i was in labour for 12 hours :cool: i`ll try to post some pix of josh and his daddy and maybe you`ll see a bit of me too - but until i get the skin on my face fixed i ain`t posing for pix cuz my skin is worse than that of a teenager! :\
  9. hey daryl! it might be a son but i wouldn`t call him chris. the name`s too popular. btw, i see your practicing your spanish (UN GATO on your avatar :D )
  10. i`m naturally skinny (but not too skinny) cuz i was born underweight and stayed that way all my life. it goes both ways: you might feel unattractive when you`re overweight as well as when you`re underweight. i learnt to love myself the way i am and when i finally did, i found the love of my life who loves me the way i am (with small tits and stuff :D)
  11. that`s sick. is too skinny attractive at all? don`t think so
  12. i`m my parent`s 1st born and i`m a girl and i guess they were good lookin (my mom had guys chasing after her). so if it`s true than i should have a daughter too. we`ll see in a few months :D
  13. yeah he`s got a great powerful voice, one of the sexiest out there i think
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