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  1. nah I'm not a fan, just wondering thats all. Any other recommendation for acts that were on during the day, or ones I should skip (I'll utilise this time to go into the drinking tent lol)
  2. oh and did anyone check out The Mars Volta at the previous BDO's so far, how were they?
  3. hope you get tickets and have a great time blue :)
  4. :( I suspected as much... Did you check out Neil Young?? I really like him, but everyone said they wish he wasn't headlining. I guess cos Rage was so awesome the year before, and having Neil the year after was a change in pace
  5. Just 'being friends' with someone you have already dated for a little while is tough
  6. I like this post a lot. Good work Briggins, cos Cut Copy are fantastic
  7. Only been to 2 BDO's so far but I missed this years one :( So I'm definitely going next year. Looking forward to it, depsite the not so great line up.
  8. I quite liked Liam Finn!!! I know a few others at the concert thought he wasn't that great, but I guess his style is not for everyone. He definitely is an enthusiastic performer which is great to see. He came out to sing with Pearl Jam as well, very cool. So yeah, I'm a fan of his work :) Yeah Melbourne was the best show of the tour, cos I'm biased :laugh3:. But the band were really into it, sound was good, audience were fantastic, had the extended set. Plus Oceans mid-set (omg). Really can't fault that show at all. Worth lining up all day for in hot conditions for, thats for sure! Sydney, not quite as good due to Ed was sick, but was amazed he soldiered on through it. I heard he was even lying down side of the stage during breaks etc. The man really respects his fans. He didn't let us down, the show was still great. Plus I finally got to hear Stone sing Mankind :) And I finally heard Garden yayyy. Would love for them to tour again. I've seen them in 2003 and 2006 too, but that Melbourne show was the best I've seen so far. So they've still got it. I'm also definitely keen to catch them in the states one time. Would have killed to go to the Philly shows, they sounded pretty epic.
  9. I was front row, against the barrier for Melbourne and Sydney. Even got a guitar pick from Mike. I have nearly achieved all of my concert goals in life now. I will die happy haha
  10. I wanna see this movie. I'm curious enough, plus don't think I've ever seen a 3D movie
  11. He will eventually, no doubt about it.
  12. Is it one of their best? No, but still a decent track and catchy as fuck. Kinda wished Got Some was first single though. Looking forward to the new album and aussie tour :)
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