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  1. no i'm not going to die. but i am killing off deaths_friend after 3 awesome years on this forum i've decided to leave. there's no real reason for it. but there were a few small factors. in the last month or so i've felt that World of Music has really died out. i also did not like the way a lot of people on this thread behaved and reacted with the first release from the new coldplay LP. and i guess i just want to move on. there are a ton of you i owe so much to. this forum has completely changed my life. i know when i'm grey and old and i put on High Violet or The Suburbs i'll remember
  2. thanks for the good times guys :) it is the greatest game of all!
  3. thanks for the good times guys :) it is the greatest game of all!
  4. have fun at splendour guys. if you see a skinny guy running from show to show madly. thats me :)
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc65hFCls8E]YouTube - ‪Kanye West - Gone [Late Registration]‬‏[/ame]
  6. well guys. with that i say farewell. i've decided to say goodbye to coldplaying and move on to other things. there is no real reason for my departure other than the fact that i just think i've exhausted this place of everything it could give me. the greatest thing it has given me is this thread. a place where i can share my passion for this great brown land of ours and the music it gives the world. a place to celebrate our glorious festivals and venues. i would like to say something to each of the main contributors to this thread. first. bryce. i envy you very much. such a young kid but wit
  7. well date no.3 with The Middle East took place at the Factory Theatre tonight. and wow! they were incredible! on fire! amazing!! the crowd was captivated. the band was played every note as if it was their last. and unlike last week they kept my attention the entire time. a great show by a band with a great future.
  8. i don't find their music depressing as such either. i see it as being good music and good music makes me happy :)
  9. there's so much more going on in this album. it's not just a guy in the jungle having a cry about how miserable he is. this album is far more adventurous and daring with more moving parts.......just simply more going on.
  10. going to sound like a complete idiot. but going to say it anyways. i honestly couldn't rank most of these TKOL era songs cos they sound almost all the same to me..........:confused: sorry guyz
  11. seems like i'm the only one who is interested. so i'll just talk to myself. i finished exams this week and nothing to do so i made a hypothetical timetable for myself. FRIDAY 12 - 12:40 Stonefield 1:30 - 2:30 - TDCC Until 3 - Miles Kane 3:30 - 4:30 - Jenny and Jonny 5 - 6 - Katy B 6:10 - 7 - I am kloot 7:10 - 8:15 - Fleet Foxes 8 - 9:15 - Special Guests or 8:45 - 10 - Mumford 10 - 11:45 - U2 11:45 - 12:15 - Crystal Castles ?????????? - Fatboy Slim SATURDAY 12:15 - 13:15 - Tame Impala 13:15 - 13:50 - Yuck 2 - 2:45 - The Gaslight Anthem 3 - 3:45 - Pulled Apart by
  12. or we can just let her write in French. she makes much more sense writing in it.
  13. but the positive reviews far out weight the negative ones "possesses all the austere beauty and understated emotiveness of its predecessor." Uncut "triumphant record, one that may well be my favorite of the year." Paste "One of 2011's most absorbing, affecting and downright brilliant LPs" BBC Music "A wonderful, worthy follow-up" Clash Music it's always nice when a hyped up sophomore record delivers.
  14. gawd that crystal castles album rocks. the vast contrasts work so well!
  15. still recovering from the epic awesomeness that was 2010??
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