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  1. Hope you guys like it! Slowly going through the album. Probably Champion of the World next.
  2. Haha Canadian asian Coldplay fans :) Of course! I'm not sure I'll ever stop doing Coldplay songs.
  3. Boy it's been a while since I posted in this forum. Have to get used to the look haha. Anyways, I'm still posting piano covers of new Coldplay (just like old times) if anyone's into the pianos! Working on these sheets atm:
  4. jc :kiss::kiss::kiss: Thanks! Coldplay got me back into piano actually :)
  5. Yo, check out my piano cover of the new single. [video=youtube;bZ6q5jgu0JU] Took a while to get the riff down with my fingers.
  6. [video=youtube;SK7HZmv3PHs] Feels nice to do new Coldplay again. I might try to do another version soon :p
  7. Does anyone know any good MIDI software that can export midi files? Apparently Garageband does not allow it (Apple trying to get you to upgrade to Logic)... Please and thank you
  8. [video=youtube;z5CmzwcdoFg] Song starts at 57 seconds. Thanks to Sheryar for helping me get a better piano VST, Alicia's Keys (for the moment anyway, I will upgrade this hopefully :) )
  9. I listen to my recordings, tracks, and videos using stereo mojito headphones. I really notice it once it's on YouTube and I listen to other videos and compare the volume to mine (but perhaps should test the volume levels throughout the process). Are you saying I should adjust the volume of the track (via the options tab) before adding to iMovie? Is this what you're supposed to do? In the past, I've tried to increase the volume of the audio track on iMovie, but not too much to introduce noise at high velocity playing.
  10. Well I think the audio interface will also function as a sound card, correct? So it should be able to handle all the recording activity as well. I think I will hold off of purchasing one for the moment, and test out more VSTs. I do like The Giant (sounds lovely in your cover :) ), but my tastes edge toward the more mellow sounding pianos in general (just not too much at the bass notes!). I'll likely be uploading some upcoming videos on my YouTube using Alicia's Keys, if anyone is interested.
  11. Ok, I think it sounds closer to what I've heard from others, not too bad. But I think the biggest shortcoming is that I'm finding the lower registers are unable to handle fast pace playing. It's quite muffled, and the action is slow. Still teetering on the thought of purchasing Session Strings... After doing some reading, Synthogy's Ivory II seems to be one of the upper class VSTs? Galaxy's sound pretty good as well.
  12. I bought Alicia's Keys. I'm trying to figure out some settings...but it sounds a bit off. Especially a few (two that I've noticed) bass keys. People's recordings on sound cloud and youtube using this VST sound pretty decent though, so perhaps I have to work at it.
  13. Oh my....they are on sale now. This is such perfect timing. I'm thinking of Alicia's Keys and Session Strings for the ultimate combo. Or I maybe get both Alicia's Keys and The Giant. But I will do some more research this weekend before rushing into it. My macbook should be able to handle those without latency problems? I'm also hoping I won't have to adjust too many settings to make it sound right (as I've read in some comments). Also, I've been finding that whenever I record on Garageband, export it to iTunes, add the audio to my video (on iMovie), export as mp4 video file, and finally upl
  14. I'm assuming you are using that VST in your videos? If I purchase one, what is included? Can I use it on Garageband? Also, what exactly is music xml format?
  15. Thanks Sheryar! Your covers are awesome as well :) I want to get the best sound quality possible from now on. I never really knew what VSTs were. Do you have links for those VSTs? I will probably make my way to Long and Mcquade for advice too, they were the ones who suggested the UR22 to me. I recently bought a new Macbook Pro, with these specs: 8 G Ram 256 SSD 2.6 GHz i5 I'm not sure about the sound card, but can you get an idea of what it should be able to handle? I've been using Garageband for my videos. Because these new macs only have the headphone jack, I can't connect a live
  16. Hey everyone, There must be some people here who know a lot about audio interfaces. I'm deciding whether or not I should purchase one. It would mainly be for recording piano covers. If I were to use MIDI, is the sound quality going to be that much better using an audio interface, than just a direct connection to the computer? In the past, I have always used live recordings, so I would use it for that as well. I know that should be greatly improved? I was suggested to look into the Steinberg UR22, which appears to be a popular choice. I'm a bit of a recording noob :)
  17. I guess it was a bit sketchy to distribute such material.
  18. Kacey

    O piano cover

    Yep! I always put at least a little reverb in most songs. The piano setting was on phaser as well.
  19. Kacey

    O piano cover

    Haha...I have a major in chemistry. I just realized that my periodic table fits in my old frame, but I still need to put it up on the wall :)
  20. Kacey

    O piano cover

    [video=youtube;ZXwYLmkfNeg] Defs one of my faves from the album, next to True Love!
  21. Here's my second version, made slower, ballad-like: [video=youtube;P5Im4vkOcQc]
  22. Thanks guys! I might upload another version that's more slow/ballad style. Uploaded to my soundcloud now:
  23. My piano cover: [video=youtube;fgs4cQ3Fa9I] Like my bracelet? ;)
  24. ^Nice job Daniel! Here is my piano cover... [video=youtube;Fy3_J3i19sg] Not sure how I feel about this song in general though.
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