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  1. :vampire: I'm allliiiiiivvveeee !!!:cooky: It feels so so so strange to be in here. (I almost totally forgot my password, it's been so long). It feels like going back in time. I've been listening to the Zane interview and now the show from Cologne...and it's like a fucking drug I tell you. I feel like Coldplay is trying to draw me back in...I'll just make pretend the whole MX era never existed. Selective amnesia... I'm sure you're all sleeping, but whenever you see this, hi and hope you're all well.
  2. Happy belated birthday!!! (so sorry I'm late:embarrassed:) Hope you had a great day, and this new year is a good one for you!!! :hug: :kiss:

  3. I feel like such an ass for having missed Christa's big moment!:embarrassed: But just want to add my congrats--totally 100% deserved!!!:D :dance: I could add a million other things to the list of good deeds the self-titled "karma-fairy-godmother" has done for others; in my book she's coldplayer of the month EVERY MONTH!!! :kiss: :hug:
  4. @christa42 I'll see you in...2 days! :dance: And no one ever edit Christa's posts...that shit's priceless!!!:laugh3: (especially when she's had some wine :drunkjoe:) It feels weird to post after not doing so for a long while:embarrassed:
  5. Happy happy birthday, my dear Lore!!! :kiss: And ¡feliz cumpleaños tambien! :PWish you all the best, you deserve it! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Enjoy that yummy cake :D We'll have a waaay belated celebration in person "soon" :dance:
  6. :curtain:...no idea what the title refers to, but from the very first listen I always got the strong impression that it was about the paparazzi & maybe reporters/media--especially considering Chris's strong dislike of them. "they got one eye watching you, one eye on what you do, so be careful who it is you're talking to..." :shrug:
  7. ohh you were online :o hugs Noe :nice:

  8. That just makes it even funnier!:lol: I just keep picturing them all high, "woooow, these are magic times, man!" :idea2:
  9. MAGIC TIMES?!?!:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: :laugh3::laugh3: and...:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: hehehehe I seriously have been laughing for the last 15min.
  10. Good morning!:vampire: :wink: I'll say it again, in here, just for you... I know you're having a great day, and I hope it only continues!!! Love youuuuu!!!! :hug: :kiss: :hug: :kiss: :hug: :kiss: :hug: :kiss: :hug:
  11. hahahaha i need to msn with you woman dm me when you are on

  12. "I was drunk at the time of posting" You should put that as a disclaimer in your siggy :p

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