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  1. Well then taking to the Hansa Studios means that album is probably not finished so we cannot expect something happening straight off. I would say we are still a couple of months away from an announcement, whereas for touring I'm afraid we would be lucky to see them live before the end of 2021. Covid situation is incredibly unstable and probably won't go away until late 2021 anyway, where most of the bands who have had slots for this year will try for. So early 2022 I think is a fair assumption for a live tour.
  2. I don't think we'll be getting a reworked album or something similar, I dunno...this would qualify as "from now on we'll only be full of surprises" but would kind of negate Chris' philosophy, which is bringing NEW songs into this world. So far they haven't updated Parachutes and that had its 20th birthday (could surely have added a couple of "bonus" songs). I'm thinking this is something brand new, but from design perspective, it is back to graffitti or something? Not really sure what it's about but we will know more in a couple of hours!
  3. Cannot believe this would not be a brand new album. Let's see what happens!
  4. Whatever it is, in a week's time we'll know about it.... 🙂 In any case we will have at least a visual clue if there isn't a new song. But I'm almost 100% convinced there will be at least one.
  5. whichever way it is, I'm sure a new single will be released just in time for Sep 18 performance and I would bet the band will also be in new outfits which might again include new lyrics printed etc. New era is just in front of us if you ask me. Music of the Spheres would probably have been released already had there not been for this covid.
  6. Don't think this will be on any album because it was unofficially leaked and I can think the band aren't really happy when something like this happens anyway.
  7. A couple of words I hear differently.... but surely this is going to be out incredibly soon, regardless of what *it* is!
  8. Yeah this could be so but I think the current situation in the world will surely change the timeline
  9. I think they will prolong this era a bit with a few more videos, then finish it with the shows in LA. By April we should hear something about the new album. Chris has been most insistent that this is not their final album (he never said that before) and that they have a very set plan so I would assume they will do a new album in 2020 and probably tour it end of 2020/all 2021.
  10. Pretty sure these shows will be after New Year's. Especially since there will be a few shows alltogether, not just one. Also with Christmas, I don't see it happening just before it or in the middle of holidays. Mid January fits like a glove.
  11. I can't conceive they would literally just two this concert in Amman tomorrow and the one at the Natural History Museum in London and then NOTHING. Surely a few intimate concerts somewhere is not impossible to expect?
  12. Hi everybody, can anyone send me a link to a normal version of a song. I only got an low-fi from a member (which I'm thankful) but would love the HQ version. Thank you! By the way, song sounds fantastic why is it off the album!!
  13. I've got to say the thing that surprises me most about this album is that it's so un-Coldplay for most of it. It's just pushing boundaries, passing every musical boundary too, with so many genres in one album. If you can say anything about this album is there is just so much variety and in that respect, there's something for everyone. A couple of songs stand out for me at the moment, Daddy (which I cannot listen to too much because it brings back all pain from my dad's passing), Champion of the World (which gives me exactly the opposite feeling, like I'm on top of the world) and Orphans for its catchiness. Others are growing on me though, even the shorter songs, it's like they're part of a story here. I wouldn't go as far as to claiming this my Coldplay's fav album but it could be new 3rd best (after VLVODAAHF and AROBTTH).
  14. Bani Adam is from that era, it was performed live in December 2010!
  15. My three best songs have to be Champion of the World, Daddy and Orphans.
  16. Some songs are amazing beyond anything.... some raw but also brilliant. Can't be critical about it. There'so much variety, I can't even believe.
  17. Guys the piano is from an ending of a song, I just can't remember which, it was a live performance in a closed arena (not stadium). Surely someone will find it, it has to be on YouTube? But I think it was from VLV or MX era, not later!
  18. This piano solo is from a live Coldplay performance but I can't find it anywhere on Youtube...
  19. Thanks everybody! Happylistening and make sure you buy the album! :)
  20. Leak will happen within hours. Surely they've sent the advance copy to several addresses and one of those will leak it.
  21. I think a few shows for Everyday Life Era is quite possible. I feel though it might be that they are really releasing LP9 in late 2020 and prior to that appearing at Global Citizen Festival.
  22. I don't think it's impossible that we will see them in more unusual locations though. Ammam is not a live concert per se but I am sure they will play either some theatres or similar to GS settings.
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