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  1. Ha ha, Well, I am also a Canadian Citizen so I could try black market there. But thanks flickahidalgo, that was about the best I could hope for.
  2. daNASCAT

    Buckland Hat

    Hey everyone. A friend of mine really really wants a Johnny hat for Christmas. However, I see they are not listed on the Coldplay shop...Anyone know where I can find one?
  3. I just like the LIJ demo b/c it's cool to hear how far they can change a song.
  4. I would again humbly submit someone PM me the links?
  5. Photo Album - Death Cab for Cutie
  6. oh I would have never figured that one out at all. ha

  7. I wish they'd bring back the piano rock element. I loved the experimentalism of VLV and X & Y, but bring back the piano and I'd be the happiest Coldplayer in the world.
  8. Yes, which is easy to say because I'm pretty sure I've found mine. I think, though, finding a "soul mate" is more about finding yourself. Soul mates aren't perfect fits; you have to work out the rough edges in each other. That means willing to change yourself a bit for someone else. Honestly, I point to the romanticism of the "soul mate" as why a lot of people don't believe in s.m.'s - they lack self-esteem and feel that changing themselves for a true love would only lead to self-disillusionment & still not reaching the expectations of their lover. Not saying our anti-soul maters here a
  9. Oh thanks, Starshine! I lost most of my old music a while back and I keep remembering one or two songs I needed to put back. :cool:
  10. haha, nothing personal at all. My website revolves around NASCAR, and a fast driver in NASCAR is called a "cat" (no idea why), so I'm just The NASCAT.

  11. so what does daNASCAT mean? or is it too personal?

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