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  1. This is conversation tho... :blank:

  2. you're the one who's a n00b. :phu:

  3. Eno isn't even the producer, he just added additional composition and you have no idea what Wedding Bells could have sounded like. It could also be a b-side but you shouldn't compare every new song to one that doesn't even have a proper studio recording yet.
  4. Wasn't that because I had "If My Heart Was A House" lyrics in my sig?! loln00b. :blank:

  5. Anthony! Remember that time we didn't talk for forever and then we started talking a bunch and became rather good friends? Good times. :| a.k.a. I miss you. I feel incapable of making conversation with you though, sigh.

  6. It's actually "Dm, Bb, F, C" but okay. :blank:
  7. So it says they have a studio diary but they've never posted any of it?!?!?! :wtf:
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