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  1. Thanks! I was curious to see if I still remembered my log-in info and yep, still there. Glad to see that this fandom is immortal! :D
  2. I come back to this forum 9 years later and the same thread is still alive :stunned: How... What...
  3. [i've got one on Arnie.....*shhhhhhhhhh*] :kiss:
  4. w00t! U2 really rocks the casbah. :D
  5. :o ............. :stunned: ..... ....:) :D :lol:
  6. *keeps watching* ::blink blink:: ....And there's yet another inside joke for our band...
  7. I have a feeling that whatever he says is probably the meaning of life, or some small thing like that, so don't fret over it. :D [My driver's ed. teacher was Thom Yorke's twin! No wonder I never paid attention..]
  8. Hurray! I'm not alone in the Frames fandom. :D The only problem that I'm facing, though, is that absolutely *no* stores near where I am sell their records...methinks I'll have to persuade my parents to take a trip to Ireland...
  9. lol, I was just kidding.... :D Sorry if I freaked anyone out...
  10. The Frames are actually a really good band, they just haven't had much exposure beyond Ireland.... Here's their website....You can listen to basically all of their music on the music page, and I highly reccomend "Star Star**".
  11. It was written for Jonny... :wink3: *runs out of the room*
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. ::is so happy she can't stop dancing:: Squirlymoo and I get to go see Damien on March 26! :D *squee*
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