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  1. The birds Lippy kids Neat little roads Open Arms are my favorites from the first listening. Solid effort Elbow!!
  2. My first album of 2011 too.After 4 times of listening to it ,I think that is really nice follow up.It is definately a grower.
  3. Gorillaz on the top 5 this year?? no way.. i mean ,they don't deserve it,in my opinion.(on the top 20 ,yes) but we will see ..:) p.s i don't hate them or something at all . I see it from the musical point of view.
  4. Radiohead Fleet Foxes Coldplay The Strokes Spiritualized Elbow Beady eye White lies Panda Bear R.E.M U2 Tv on the radio (maybe) Beirut (maybe)
  5. 1.The National - High Violet 2.Arcade Fire - The Suburbs 3.Beach House - Teen Dream 4.Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest 5.Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 6.The Black Keys - Brothers 7.Interpol-Interpol 8..Foals- Total live Forever 9.Joanna Newsom - Have One More 10.Lcd Soundsystem - This is happening 11Caribou - Swim 12.Jannelle Monae - The Archandroid
  6. 2011 maybe a VERY GOOD year in music.we hope so!
  7. Indeed ,the Great albums of the year (Which maybe we'll see them on top of the decade's list)are 4 or 5 not more.The rest 15 for example are just good albums.nothing more,nothing less.
  8. Mgmt's - Congratulations...Klaxons - surfing the void (but i didn't have high expectations from klaxons to be honest)...Band of horses was a bit dissapointing and Vampire weekend's Contra it wasn't something special (comparing to their debut which was really solid effort).
  9. tomorrow i am going to put my top 15 of the year!I have seen V.Nice lists so far mates!
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