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  1. I wonder if its about as truthfull as the rumour that they were getting married in Hollywood and Gwyneth was to be given away by Steven Spielberg or someone. :rolleyes: :P
  2. Well I don't have a scanner but hopefully some other nice british person might scan it for you. I got it in WHsmiths. Don't know if its only available in the UK..
  3. This months edition has Chris on the front (looking quite scary) and a big article on Coldplay and why they "broke america". Plus some stuff on the dvd by the directors. :) Its fab :D
  4. I think they are mostly about girls and love and making the most of the time that you have. But thats a very vague interpretation and generalising slightly. Try and think up your own. :)
  5. Bah its all your fault. :D Oh well my connection isn't very good and i couldn't see much so I can just pretend i didn't watch it. :D :P It sounds lovely..but then well of course it does, its Amsterdam!
  6. Ahh, that is a very good point.......... Im going to have a little sneak :P
  7. Ach no, its too tempting I love Amsterdam but I want to save it till I get the dvd. Hmm, oh well only a month-ish to go :confused: :) :/ *must not look* PS- i like your avator.
  8. I saw Gomez live too and there were ruddy good. :) Tjuana Lady is the best.
  9. Lol, Jonny the human beatbox! :P :lol:
  10. Thats just something Chris said, he says a lot of drastic things :P I betcha there'll still be a piano ballad on the new album. ;)
  11. I do like 'em but not too ecstatically. BUT i do have Interpol gossip, well sort of, I've stayed in the same hotel as them over the summer. I was on an art trip it was kind of mad. Aah the guy in your pic Paul was nice :) :) I would like to see them live.
  12. Hehe I hope their christmas song gets to number one just to wipe the smile off whichever pop star/idol/rival whatsit's face. :lol: :D
  13. Ooo thats a good one, I know what you mean. I once told someone that Parachutes was like my security blanket but that sounds a little twee maybe :embarrased: :) I think I'll go with "lovely"
  14. Hmm this is probably a bit late notice now but anyway I thought id mention it.....Theres a free Blur cd with the Observer on Sunday 21st (tomorrow) with some rare tracks on it. Yay. :D Much love to the Blur fans. :)
  15. Whats the one word you can think of to describe Parachutes? To sum it up perfectly? Mine would be...actually i need to think about this. Will get back :) :/ .
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