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  1. I got a puggle last summer and named him moses. I was a little skeptical about it @ first but now that i think about it, that's the best name i could have evern given him. I know you said your kids didn't like the name but the other name i was thinking about was "ENO" haha.
  2. Pfffft or how bout the MELTS are pathetic. Braves '09!
  3. The Scientist. Quite possibly the greatest lyrics i've ever heard or any song. First time i heard it was when coldplay did an mtv commercial before the VMAs and it was amazing. Since then i've been sucked in.
  4. Coldplay doesnt seem to ever have great performances at these kind of things. They have always had subpar performances at the grammys and the MTV awards this year werent good at all just like this. But i dont really see it as a problem b/c this is a much harder thing for them to do. It's harder to perform in these kinds of things w/ so much attention on one person or group of ppl and i think its good that chris isnt always perfect.
  5. I don't really know any hidden meanings in the video but i do believe that in the reg. song when chris sings "sometimes even the right is wrong" he is saying that the conservative side of politics (right side) can be wrong. Idk if anyone else feels this but i think it is indirectly implied through the song
  6. Life in technicolor was also being played during the pre-game of a Braves/Cubs game back during the regular season. Unfortunately the braves lost like usual
  7. sorry, i couldnt bring myself to listen to the entire thing. Absolutely horrible
  8. when they played some of the scientist in a commercial for MTV at the hollywood bowl. That second part just got me hooked "and i was just guessin..."
  9. It just seems to me that he's straining more and cant really sing as well as he used to. He still sounds amazing but if u watch him a lot in concert he lets the crowd do a lot of the singing in some of the hard parts of songs like in loj when it goes "to see what i'm ALL about" he doesnt usually sing the all and in the amsterdam video his voice breaks when he sings it the first time. I still think he's great but i do think that one reason they only perform for about an hour and a half is b/c his voice cant take it. When he sang yellow in DC he still sounded top notch, but i dont know if his voice can last for long periods of time
  10. 1. First related Coldplay memory? Seeing the mtv commercial of them playing the scientist at the bowl for 1 person in the audience. I thought it was amazing. 2. Have you ever seen the band live in concert, if so where? Verizon wireless ampitheatre in Charlotte, North Carolina (2005). Goin to see them in DC and in Boston 08/05/08 and 08/06/08 3.a Favorite Coldplay album? X&Y b. Favorite Coldplay song? probably scientist/talk/in my place, and so many others c. Favorite Coldplay video? Scientist or fix you 4. Most treasured Coldplay item in your collection? A large picture of AROBTTH album autographed by all the members. 5. What was your craziest fanatic moment regarding Coldplay (ie. did you have to go at great lengths to see them live? did you do something really dramatic to defend Coldplay? etc etc.) I guess having a coldplay poster in my dorm room last year and a little from the year before and hearing crap for it haha. and constantly hearing "you know how i know your gay?". Doesnt really bother me though.
  11. The scientist. I remember watching the commercial for the VMAs or some other mtv award and the commercial was the band playing at the hollywood bowl in front of one person. I think it was for a contest or something but i remember him saying something about "this is a song by us" or something i cant really remember but then he jumped into the second verse of "i was just guessing" and then i searched and searched for the song, found it and am now glad i did.
  12. yesss i hope they come back to the ampitheatre. That's where i saw them first and that show was amazing. I was really looking forward to seeing them there again but hopefully they'll be there. As for the show's beign changed, i think it is a little BS. It is more than likely not a "production" problem but something w/ the band. Chris hasnt been sounding too good recently so maybe he has some sinus issues. Changing the shows this late is a huge loss of money and a very hassling issue. My sister worked in the record industry for 6 years out in LA and has never seen anything like this that wasnt related to band problems. Anyway, now i've got to change plans and the problem is i already booked plane tickets and hotel reservations for DC and if they dont let me change, that would be a huge waste of money. So i see what this guy is complaining about. With gas the way it is these days, prices of flights are only going to increase. P.S. I really wanted to see them at the beginning of the tour b/c that's when everything is still being worked out and i've already seen them at the peak. The beginning is very raw and fresh. Oh well sorry for the rant and long message
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