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  1. no problem!!!

  2. Thank you so much!!!

  3. please coldplaykb, please???:embarassed:
  4. Hopefully the site will be alright in a few hours...maybe...please?
  5. wow, i need to find those shows
  6. what about we never change or high speed?
  7. they have played warning sign in the past
  8. have they played everything off of parachutes?
  9. Are there any songs, namely off the studio albums, that have never been played live?
  10. Sorry if it appears that way, I've actually been on and off this board for a few years but I forgot my old password so i had to create a new profile, sorry, and thanks to all these people dling all these songs, it's always so exciting when a new album comes out
  11. does anyone know of a correct tab of murder, everything i've seen is way off
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