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  1. I agree with you 100%. If we had a similar law over here that would solve the problem.
  2. Yes I managed to pull VIP tickets in the top 10 category for $720 and the top 25 was $490.
  3. unfortunately it's the ticket brokers getting all the tickets. They just started an investigation in NY on this issue: http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/state/state-calls-reselling-of-sports-concert-tickets-fixed-game-20160127
  4. A top 10 vip seating is $720 a tickets. sigh that is way too expensive...I got a VIP last time around and it was like $350 or so.
  5. unfortunately i have lots of experience trying to get tickets from ticketmaster. it's a terrible system but keep running searches. don't give up.
  6. if you are looking for tickets for the NJ show they are onsale now.
  7. Wow, I just read through the entire thread and definitely an interesting read on people's opinions on CP and AHFOD. As to where I stand--I also dislike AHFOD. I think there are some decent songs in it like Up and Up and Birds but those songs are no where near the quality of their previous work. As to why I bother listening to their music or commenting on it if I dislike it--because I believe they are very talented and could produce incredible new songs if they actually tried. U2 is my favorite band and I always said that CP could be better than/surpass U2 one day but their last few albu
  8. There was a time Coldplay could do no wrong for me and the release of a new Coldplay song meant it would be something I knew I would love. I remember the first time I heard Viva La Vida. I was impressed and could not help but think it was one of Coldplay's greatest songs ever. Unfortunately, those days are long gone for me. I can understand that a band has to grow and cannot put out the same album every single time but they have departed so much from their original "rock sound" which to me made them amazing. I'm not saying I hate pop or that I mind a pop/dance song. I for one absolutely loved
  9. It actually sounds like Chris in the beginning. And the song sounds very coldplay. I for one am really hoping it is. It sounds great! Didn't Sky Channel use a snippet of Coldplay's Charlie Brown before the studio version was officially released? I can't seem to find it on youtube. Does anyone else remember that?
  10. Aww! Thank you! It's one of my favorite U2 songs too. Hopefully we get a U2 album in 2014!
  11. Good point!!! it's one of my favorites and I missed it. Maybe Hardest Part vs. Midnight Remix? LOL
  12. LOL, yep! Favorite coldplay album! :lol: I have listened to GS quite a bit but still not feeling it. :\
  13. Round one: Square One vs Always In My Head Round two: What if vs True Love Round three: White Shadows vs Ink Round four: Fix You vs Magic Round five: Talk vs A Sky Full Of Stars Round six: X&Y vs Midnight Round seven: Speed Of Sound vs Another's Arms Round eight: A Message vs Oceans Round nine: Low vs All Your Friends Round ten: A Message vs Ghost Story Round eleven: Swallowed In The Sea vs O Round twelf: Twisted Logic vs Atlas Round thirteen: Till Kingdome Come vs O [part two/reprise] X&Y = 12 GS = 1 Winner X&Y
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