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  1. I was justing watching an old rerun of Just Shoot Me on TV when, lo and behold, Chris Martin's dulcet tones slunk into the living room, accompanied by the visual wonder that is the Viva La Vida itunes commercial! :o It actually didn't click for a moment. I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. I had no idea it was already being aired in New Zealand! I thought it wouldn't appear for another fortnight or so, at least. When the realisation finally kicked in I screamed, jumped up and down, squealed and sang along, until it ended, all too soon. So then I screamed again(!) and ran off t
  2. Wow wow wow wow wow!!! :shocked2: :o :D :cool: This has got to be the best ad in the history of best ads. It beats every other ad in the world, including their last itunes one, by ten thousand miles. The coolness of this ad is beyond words. Man, Coldplay rock so, so much. GO BOYS GO!!! :D
  3. "Yellow", on the radio, around 9 pm though I can't remember the exact date, in the last quarter of the year 2000. I was 12. That year my parents had divorced and my father split. "Yellow" touched me very profoundly and I felt as raw as a slab of meat freshly cut from the hindquarters of a cow (pretty simile, huh? ;) From that moment on I fell head over heels in love with Coldplay. My love for them has never waned, and 8 years down the track "Yellow" still has the power to make me sob my heart out every time I listen to it. Coldplay rocks, man. :cool:
  4. Absolutely true. When I'm at the lowest of lows I only listen to Coldplay. And when I'm ridin' a high Coldplay is who I turn to to get me even higher. I would marry a guy who, when proposing, would either sing "A Message" himself, complete with full band, or get Coldplay to sing it for me live. Then, at our wedding (I mean of course I'd marry him after that!!), Coldplay would perform "Yellow" live. For a funeral, "The Scientist" is an appropriate song, although I want "Yellow" to be played at my funeral because it never fails to make me bawl like a deranged baby and it has special signi
  5. Nobody in my part of the world, either! Everybody wants to listen to Fergie and Blink 182 and other hip-hop and rock artists that I can't think of right now. I mean, they get so much airtime on the radio as it is, do you have to play them incessantly at parties as well?! :rolleyes:
  6. That one takes the cake! (man, that is a terrible pun ... sorry!) :laugh3:
  7. That is a terrible dream to have and I imagine you were upset beyond comfort, but when you describe it it's really very funny ... in a very sad way, lol. Jonny must've been very practical in your dream, to collect Chris's blood so he can sell it on eBay. I wonder if anyone would buy it ... probably some stalker-type ...
  8. Here are my 2 cents ... I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I gave the word Now in the morning I sweep alone Sweep the streets I used to own Basically the lament of someone who used to be on top of the world, with all kinds of power (plus an inflated sense of self-importance and worth) who had been reduced to the kind of people he despised. I used to roll the dice Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes Listen as the crowd would sing: "Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!" By rolling the dice he took chances, great risks that had a huge chance of failure. Makes
  9. I would definitely invite you but I'm afraid we live a little distance away :laugh3:
  10. An absolutely amazing, awesome, astounding song! (How's that for alliteration?) ;) I love the build-up towards the guitar/drum jammin'. The intro made me think it was a Sigur Ros song for a moment but then the banjo-like sound kicked in and I grinned like an idiot - definitely Coldplay. It's such a positive, uplifting, upbeat song. I can't help head-bangin' and jumping around like a lunatic. It's just such a happy tune with such happy unity of instruments that it gives you hope of things really turning out all right in the end. Makes me think of the sun rising in a clear azure sky o
  11. Man, that would be such a cool party, though, wouldn't it? That just inspired me to add some more to the list! :rolleyes: You dress up to a Coldplay party or any party in general and when people ask you what your outfit means you say the title of a Coldplay song (e.g. "I am Yellow/Lost?/The Scientist/etc"). At your Coldplay party you have Yellow cupcakes, posters on doors and walls of directions to places headed with LOST?, Clocks hanging everywhere, and give a makeshift Parachute to every person attending ... You get green contacts for your eyes and walk around humming "Green Eyes". You
  12. Violet Hill --> main colour: violet (obviously), secondary colours: white and red (because of the snow and blood, from the implied war) Viva La Vida --> main colour: red (because it's such a revolutionary colour and this song tells me about a revolution), secondary colours: white and cornflower blue (the French flag should be the symbol of revolutionism) A Spell, A Rebel Yell --> main colour: laser green (for some reason I just see green laser beams when I hear this song), secondary colour: black (the background behind the laser beams) Lost? --> main colour: slate blue (
  13. I love this thread; it creates a warm, fuzzy feeling of unity and mutual understanding between everyone. Viva Coldplay! You know you're obsessed with Coldplay when ... Every Coldplay song has the power to make you bawl like a baby, whether from desperate anguish or profound joy and wonder at the beauty of it all. You can spend a whole day (at least) listening to the same new Coldplay song on repeat without ever getting sick of it (Exhibit A: me with Violet Hill, Viva La Vida, A Spell A Rebel Yell, Lost?, Life in Technicolour ...) You wish you could find a way to get the Coldplay boys t
  14. Yeah, same here. I had no idea she was so sweet and lovely and down-to-earth. Moses and Apple are very lucky having such wonderful parents. Chris has very good taste (but then we already knew that) :wink3:
  15. Things are obviously getting pretty out-of-hand if band members know their fans get given a hard time for liking their band. How screwed up is the world when people can't respect the music tastes of others? It's certainly something that reaches every corner of the world. I live in New Zealand and I still remember telling the now ex-editor of the university student magazine - a guy so full of his "cool" reputation he fairly stunk with it - that Coldplay is my FAVOURITE band. His reaction would have been tantamount to me saying that I believe the world is flat. I, of course, defended my
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