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  1. *Sigh* I'm a hypocritical f!!ker. Why? Well, many reasons. Let's keep to the relevant ones. I know that, by at least next may, I'm gonna have joined facebook to keep in touch with all my college friends on a regular bases. Txting/phoning is too expensive. See!!! At least I admit my hypocrisy. Oh, the shame......
  2. ^^ lol "social networking sites improving social skills" that i like!
  3. haha thank you sir. i assure you that i'm the original (well, no, hal jordan was the second - but definitely the coolest)

  4. Yea, Green Lantern! :dance:

  5. lol, totally man, i've just been swamped this past year with work and a whole load of other shit that's just keeps on flying towards me and i swat away with a baseball bat before it can hit the fan. wow, what an image. that's one for the books. once i finish this course next may i'll have maybe a month or two break before i go to work in america for the year so in those two months i expect i'll be hanging around here a bit and shooting the shit. that's the dream, anyway.

  6. I do truly detest social networking sites. There's NOTHING "SOCIAL" ABOUT EM! You're sitting at home alone at the computer - or taking up a valuable one in college that other people, like me, need to access to print off documents for courses - "chatting" and practically anyone can see what you're saying. Its the death of privacy. Or of real social interaction. To my mind, they represent a viral infection. You have to have 100s of friends - with the exception of two or three dozen or so, you don't know any of the rest, they're just total strangers who you've "friended." The B.S. of it just astounds me. Those of us who don't like it are definitely in the minority, but, screw it, that tends to happen in history. Those sites scream, and the people who are ADDICTED to them, scream "Validate me, Validate me! If I don't "friend" I don't exist! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!!" So sad. So, so sad. Well, f**k it, could be totally wrong, but that's my two cents.
  7. I was just browsing my friends list and saw you on it! Then I remembered some fun conversations. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!? lol

  8. Cobalt

    (Note: This is a copy&paste message. Please disregard it if you have already voted.) Hi there, The Absolute Radio Live Stories competition voting stage is closing soon. In this stage, users vote for in their opinion which story is the most well-written. The top four entries with the most votes go through to the next round. These entries are judged on and two are selected to battle it out for the weekly prize - concert tickets. The winner then will write a review of that concert. These will face off and the winning story wins the forum a two hour festival made up of songs entirely of their choice! We currently only have 90 votes, but we know there's a lot more of you out there. Please vote for one of the thirteen stories at the link provided below and if you have the time discuss why it was your favourite - the rules for this competition state we must have discussion about the entries! http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=59754 Thanks for your help! :smiley:

  9. @jc90 sorry, bein a latecomer and all, my head is still twirling!
  10. so...the links are where? :) edit: thanks for doin this :)
  11. whoa. what in hell is goin on?
  12. @Twizted Logik - terrible, terrible thing to call an autobot. shameful :P @RICK8 - mutated leprecahauns? sounds like a good idea for a new marvel comic book Anyone else find it funny that as soon as an actual Irish person comes on the thread dies? What, did I kill the mystique??
  13. If I am, I'm one f*cking tall one, mate ;)
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