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  1. Could someone pm me the extra tracks also? Would be ever so grateful!
  2. Same here for Southern Manhattan..hope this helps: http://tvlistings.timewarnercable.com/digitalcable/findTvListings/viewChannelLineUp/?headendId=NY31519X 791.
  3. Hi I don't have Time Warner....but It's Palladia HD: http://www.palladia.tv/ I don't live in New York, but an internet search suggested channel 791: http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/archive/index.php/t-442133.html
  4. Yeah I just looked it up on my cable, and it's playing on Palladium HD this Friday from 7PM-10PM and then on VH1 from 10PM-12AM. I too was sadly an IMAX purchaser, gravely dissapointed with the cancelling. But, this is an unexpected and awesome surprise!! I can't wait. Got two cable boxes set up to record (in case one fails). OH man, how am I gonna stand it..waiting all week long. Thank you so much for the heads-up!
  5. Wow, I must be listening to a different song. It doesn't have to "grow" for me...it's fully developed and exquisite. I'm sorry to see that it fell short for others.
  6. I couldn't agree more! Very well put...I had exactly the same experience with Violet Hill and the VLV album, and share the same sense about this new one...so glad to see I'm not alone!
  7. Strange...I experienced the same build-up with everyone all week long, full of unspeakable anxiety. But the moment I sat in my car this morning and blasted the song for the first time, I wasn't thinking about "old Coldplay", or the "new direction" or all the premature negativity around the lyrics or cover art. I suppose my head was quite clear from all of that because I just sat there fully enveloped, mouth dropped open, soaked in a blissfull ambiance of Coldplay magnificence. I listened to it repeatedly on the way to work, so excited to see the comments on these forums; to see how others
  8. Mrk150, I saw Coldplay at the Honda Center few years back (when it was the Arrowhead Pond)...the ONLY thing that's so damn frustrating about the floor seats (which I have yet again) is that you are literally like a sardine packed-in (section 104 I believe..all floors have a similar feeling)...I mean you barely have any room for your legs to move...always uncomfortably glued to the person next to you. (when seated of course) So, don't plan on drinking alot of beer...near impossible to not feel like a complete nuisance getting up and down... If so, hope that you're on the isle (thank God I am
  9. #$%()*#$)_#* The album is eclectic enough that all of us probably (had we not heard ASARY) would have otherwise embraced it if it was on VLV given the (Coldplay-ish) diversity of the album. I'm very happy that things have turned out the way they did. I just wish I could have Coldplay write and record and produce to my needs forever; that way everything would be just perfect and the world would be in balance...God, what drug am I on??!?
  10. Yeah I'm in the same boat on that....it's easy to find things for free and it's often hard to resist. But, given how long I've waited and how much effort they put into these recordings I feel like I have to put something forth. Ultimately I want it all though, just like the everyone. In this group there's no doubt everything will be accessible at some point.
  11. THANKS! I'm soooo relieved...thank you! So does that mean the songs are somehow linked together under 1 of the regular titles (meaning you would have to listen to one looooong song), or does it actually download the songs separately as individual songs?
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