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  1. Looking to buy 2 pitch standing tickets for this show if anyone is selling?
  2. Have mixed opinions on this album. Birds and Adventure of a Lifetime are the only songs I find pretty "era-defining" in terms of quality. If I had to, one by one, compare AHFOD against each of Coldplay's other albums and say only one of these two can stay, I don't think I'd pick AHFOD against any of the other six. MX, MMIX and A Hopeful Transmission made sense - I don't feel that Kaleidoscope or Colour Spectrum do. But apart from that, I don't think any song here is a Yellow, Clocks, The Scientist, Fix You, Viva La Vida, Strawberry Swing, Charlie Brown, Paradise, ETIAW, Always In My
  3. So at the end of the song, he's basically asking Gwyneth out again? Yeesh, phone her up, take her out to dinner. Don't get us involved!
  4. The album, recorded in Malibu, LA and London, was produced by Norwegian duo Stargate together with the band’s long-time collaborator Rik Simpson. It features more guests than any previous Coldplay record, with Beyoncé, Noel Gallagher, Tove Lo and Merry Clayton among those appearing across its 11 tracks (12 if you count the buried treasure of the hidden track X Marks The Spot). A Head Full Of Dreams is the widescreen follow-up to 2014’s fragile and lovelorn Ghost Stories, Coldplay’s sixth consecutive worldwide chart topper, award winner and multi-million seller. The band chose not to tour Gh
  5. Also, given the Amazon sticker, it's likely that Hymn For The Weekend is their next single!
  6. I think this tops anything on Ghost Stories to be honest Edit: To add my reasoning - the lyrics are phenomenal, whilst Ghost Stories are just.. meh, words: "It's been a night, such a night, such a long night. Watch myself disappear into the wild side, said "goodbye" to my Hyde side, saw some Jekyll appear..."
  7. Coldplay & Cat Power - Wish I Was Here Wish I Was Here recorded by Cat Power and Coldplay is to appear on Zach Braff's follow up to Garden State. Listen to it here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2014/07/07/328139263/song-premiere-an-unlikely-collaboration-from-cat-power-and-coldplay
  8. DukeNewcomb


    Sample from Oceans?
  9. Chris is a huge arcade fire fan, him and Markus Dravs were both wearing AF tshirts when I met them, so they undoubtedly know Sprawl II.
  10. Listened to Sprawl II by Arcade Fire and realised exactly how much it influenced this storyline.
  11. If you listen closely the guys put a filter over his voice to sound a lot more like Chris, but it's definitely not Coldplay.
  12. This is something that's been on my mind for the whole MX-era. I think Guy's quite noticeably at the back whilst Chris, Jonny and Will are at the forefront of "Coldplay". I can't say I can remember an interview which included him in this era (at least not a significant amount of interviews compared to those including the others), and whilst this album's brought Jonny to a new level, it hasn't really done anything for Guy. I get the feeling he's being slightly left behind by the others, and that perhaps there's not the same on stage love-for-each-other as a band as there was in the VLV era.
  13. Not gonna lie, in the Viva era my excitement and the giddy Coldplay feeling in my stomach progressively increased. MX era, it's progressively disappeared...
  14. I swear to god if Car Kids comes out, I'll be more satisfied at proving that guy with the comic character avatar wrong then I will be at hearing the song itself.
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