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  1. No chance that Birds will be a single.
  2. Like this! Shame that melody is stolen from The Strokes a bit.
  3. "Coldplay" karaoke? ;) This song has grown on me a lot
  4. They're up for this aren't they! Sounding massive tonight!
  5. Clark


    That bit in the chorus sounds like 5ive doesn't it?
  6. Verse piano sounds a bit Radioheady no?
  7. Don't think it'll be a huge hit. Verse is too odd & boring. The 'non Coldplay loving' public (weirdos!) won't get into this.
  8. It gets good at the second chorus. From then to the outro are spine-tingly good. But The verses are a bit weak. :-/ Sounds like a B-Side. That Oscar may have to wait...?
  9. So far sounds like a b-side at best. They were never going to give a big song to a soundtrack I'll probably like it tomorrow. Ha. We'll see. Chorus could be big... I hope.
  10. Was just going to contact them but I thought I'll give it just one more try... And then it suddenly worked. Must have been broken for a while or something. Phew! Parachutes tshirt on its way to me! :)
  11. Will try. Might be a bit late now. Haven't really had a chance to do it until now. Thank you for your help!
  12. Yep. Think I've tried everything. Does it take it off after its processed or something? I know its only 10% but I may as well get it if I can huh!?
  13. It looks like it knows there has been a code entered but the price is the same.
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