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  1. Threw a little photo montage together from their concert out here in Los Angeles set to the new LIT II preview song. Hope you like! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3CQLHiDCxw]YouTube - Coldplay - Life in Technicolor II (Preview)[/ame]
  2. They are also obsessed with Bones! -Fix you "ignite your bones" -Don't Panic "bones sinking like stones" -Yellow "your skin and bones"
  3. what part was hilarious?? and are u coming up to Anaheim?

  4. I mean just getting together and having a few cocktails!!

  5. No, but I just got back from vacation and I have about $500 to blow. So I will be getting tickets. Now all thats left is the preshow and postshow activities! Lets make Anaheim our beyatch people!
  6. Ok, who wants to party in Anaheim? I am in! First round on me! I went to both shows at the Forum and was thinking about AZ, but this is good news. Lets do this!
  7. When you watch the last out of the White Sox/Rays game and in the background you hear "Viva la Vida" playing in the staduim as the White Sox sit in dejection and the Rays celbrate and you tell everyone around how cool that is and nobody cares but you! RESPECT!
  8. Here is to sum up the opening act. The loudest cheer was when the lead singer said "We'd like to thank Coldplay for letting us play with them" Then the loudest cheer was topped in the next sentence when they said "This is our last song." Have yourself a double double and make sure you are in the arena by at least 9pm.
  9. I love when during GPASUYF he said "I'm on my way to INGLEWOOD" and he said it in almost a hip hop/gangsta way. Like ingleWOOOOD! And when he sneezed during one of the songs. And it was so freaking hot in the arena that Chris mentioned it and everyone laughed. He and Johnny took off their jackets soon after.
  10. This was when they were playing the new version of GPASUYF. http://www.flickr.com/photos/eudaemonia/2670022415/
  11. Sorry, Guy did have the bass. I was trying to say that the 3 guys were holding their usual instruments while Will wasnt.
  12. Its hard to explain the new GPASOYF. They gathered on the end of the catwalk in a tight circle of sorts. Chris, Johnny and Guy had guitars and Will was playing some other instrument, forgot what it was. It was pretty acoustic sounding. Here is pic #3
  13. MSG Free Concert Video of Fix You. Chris messes up!! You gotta watch this....This is from Tuesday's free concert at MSG in NY. CM messes up the lyrics and busts out an "Oh, Shit!" then later makes fun of his mistake as part of the lyrics. Great stuff!
  14. Guys. I am about to walk out the door, but try this. 1- Go to the Itunes store home page 2- On the upper right it says "Quick Links" choose ''Account" 3- Log in, then a box should pop up asking if u want to download your album. Let me know if that works.
  15. I just got an email at 845 pm on the west coast saying my pre-order was ready! party! out the door with my burned CD!
  16. I'm not too fond of remixes, but I thought I'd share this one and see what everyone thinks. I found it not to be too bad. Thoughts? http://hypem.com/popup.php?list=eNolzrcRAEEIA8CGPsAJ039jf4JoR5gBZHvLh2wLIy5ybNLIR7XN4rIoSKUSYHvhm0KC6BUVdTQxI5ljS%2BPghYzhQqrb4Q%2BMcwEQXfYJYJ94cCQm6%2BhjflfvKls%3D&skip=4
  17. You can watch the full version now! Go here and then find the performance from the list on the left: http://abc.go.com/primetime/jimmykimmel/garage/index.html CHEERS!
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