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  1. did u ever receive download link u could share via PM? thanks!
  2. do u have the download link you can PM? thank u!
  3. Hi everyone! Does anybody know if the two extra stages that come out in the crowd are still gonna happen like we see on the seating chart or are they using the single one that just goes down the middle?
  4. Why is it when I listen to "Up & Up" I imagine the Brady Bunch singing the chorus?
  5. Hello all, couldn't find this in the thread so I'll ask. Where in the US can I buy a Blu Ray version of Ghost Stories Live 2014 that also plays in US Blu Ray players? I think it's Region A? Any help and guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Coldplay + Los Angeles Kings + Hockey + Stanley Cup = Magic Enjoy this video I made of the Kings Stanley Cup run to the music of Charlie Brown. UPDATED WITH VIMEO LINK !!!! https://vimeo.com/44136477
  7. Same thing happened to me, but in my case, I noticed they were fake when I got home after I bought them a couple months ago. The seat numbers said 1, 2, 3, 4 when in fact that row and section had seat numbers that started 101, 102, 103 , 104 I went to the Hollywood police station and reported it. They took my tickets and confirmed they were fakes and that the same group of people had been doing it using a hollywood business address as their exchange point with victims. The police had me look at a lineup and nobody looked familiar as to who sold me the tickets, but then about a month late
  8. Great concert. The Beastie Boys tribute gave everyone chills. Well done boys.
  9. btw Dianne, as Im sure many people have let u know. You were ALL OVER those TVs and Big Screen last night. Well done!
  10. Iheart radio was done before the 2nd encore. Chris told the audience beforehand. So when he came out after the radio was done he said he could now say things like F**K and S**T
  11. I still have my extra Lower Balcony ticket available... basically selling at close to face value... PM me to meet up. Have a few interests but no confirmation yet.
  12. The concert was scheduled to start around 9pm I was told. So it wouldnt have been over by now.
  13. Selling my extra lower balcony ticket for this concert. PM me for info!
  14. CLUB NOKIA Los Angeles, Feb 8th.. Hi everyone. I have 1 ticket in LOWER BALC 1, row E and 1 ticket in LOWER BALC 2, Row G. Does anyone have a ticket in the same row to any of these that they would be willing to trade?
  15. Hi everyone. I have 1 ticket in LOWER BALC 1, row E and 1 ticket in LOWER BALC 2, Row G. Does anyone have a ticket in the same row to any of these that they would be willing to trade?
  16. Gotcha... this is a present for my mom and she is short, ha! so i think if i can I should return the GA PITs and stick with the balconies. Does that sound about right? never been to Nokia. Are the lower balconies a good view ?
  17. Did anyone buy more than 2 tickets like I did? Just saw that it says 2 ticket limit per person/household. What does Ticketmaster do in this case?
  18. guys, i just bought 5 total tickets (2 Ga, 2 lwr balc) which cost me over $1,000 so i could possibly get some close to each other... I only need 2 so I will probably be selling them the day of. PM if interested.
  19. i got 3 total lower balconies, and 1 GA pit... will only need two, so if anyone wants to exchange PM me
  20. If anyone got 2 seperate lower balcony tickets in 2 seperate sections PM me. We might be able to trade the day of so both of our pair of tickets could then be in the same section.
  21. guys... I bought 2 seperate lower balconies for about $228 each... lower balcony one, row E and lower balcony two, row G... if anyone has something close to either of these and wants to trade at the event, drop me a PM
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